Large scaled protests in Ukraine related to arrival of the American transport ship

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Bruno, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Bruno

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    Large scaled protests in Ukraine related to arrival of the American transport ship to seaport of Feodosia has made evident the unpleasant truth. Ukrainians and others seem to make no difference between NATO and “Yunkees”. When they shouted so emotionally, “NATO out!” they meant Americans. Americans are major irritant for them … But I am scary that Europeans allied to Americans in the framework of NATO can’t be viewed as friends by them as well! European Ukrainians see European Germans e.g. as aliens! Dig into it. Here lies the gravest threat to European stability. That threat is NATO!
    Actually it’s no revelation at all that NATO embracing major European countries is fully subdued by America and is perceived mainly as war oriented American military bloc. Notorious image of NATO due to its involvement in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan mars reputation of Europeans. Actually there’s nothing to boast of. Plain truth is that Europe can’t balance American influence in NATO.
    All in all, European majors are just doomed to failure in Ukraine and elsewhere in post communist countries if in American NATO. I guess the move in the rightful direction would be forming of our own European defense forces to gain trust in post communist space without NATO.
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    So when someone beat another one with a club, the other one should just change his stick with an even bigger club?

    After the fall of the wall, all countries in East Europe, Russia included, had a historic chance to change paradigm, because they are so big in numbers. Instead they dropped it all on the floor. Why? Because they wanted to be excactly like the west and the USA.

    I've been so sad since 1989... At that time I thought that year would be a breakthrough. Instead I saw numbers of countries in the east seduced by pearls and jewelry. Today people in these countries are beginning to face the reality about capitalism, and I hope these people will overwin all the mafiosos who has taken shelter & political power by now, collecting fortunes by starving out populations who wrongly, actually blindly, believed that these criminals were their representatives in legal democracies...

    Europe will soon get more capitalist, non-democratic and ugly than USA itself, so I will never ever agree on the idea that the solution should be about just to build up a stronger power against them. I already see in which totalitarian directions my own government take - just as a horrible example. If we start to believe that our present cold, dehumanizing, systemic societies - in the east as well as in the west - are superior to any other system, even to the system ruled by King Bush and his neoconservative fellows, it's a sad day for all who believe in humanity & democracy.

    By the way, welcome to the hip forums, Bruno. :)

    love and understanding,

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