Ladies, R U flattered when a man wants anal?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Mr. Man, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. Mr. Man

    Mr. Man Member

    Ladies, how do you feel about men like me who check out your ass and fantasize about having anal sex with you? Are you flattered that they think your ass is so sexy that they want to fuck it, or does it make you think we are perverts?
  2. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    anal's not my thing
    just, not something I've enjoyed any attempt at

    to each their own, but don't try and push it if your partner isn't into it
  3. YellowBellyHippy

    YellowBellyHippy Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Well here is my opinion~ I would not be too excited if a guy asked me to do anal on him (with a starp-on) In fact it would make me wonder about his sexuality...BUT.... I would LOVE to do it on a guy! LOL So I think it would be hot if *I* asked for it and with some hesitation but eventually he let me ;-)

    Im so fucking weird, I know ;-)
  4. kissya

    kissya Head Mistress

    No, just another typical guy looking for another oriface.
  5. Rigamarole

    Rigamarole Senior Member

    Mmmm, she said "orifice".
  6. Mr. Man

    Mr. Man Member

    I think I'm weird in that I have an ass fetish, in that I LOVE kisssing and licking a woman's ass. In fact, I can't get enough of it. I love worshipping her sexy ass cheeks with my lips and tongue, rolling my tongue around and around those sexy globes of flesh and watching them flap as I do it. Do you think a guy who does that is weird, or do you like it when a guy does that to you?
  7. RoamingGnome

    RoamingGnome Member

    i think it's flattering if a guy wants to kiss me or hold my hand or GOD FORBID spend time with me without sex every now and then. it is mildly flattering for someone to have sexual interest in me, just because of the simple fact that it must mean that i'm kinda decent looking, but still they just want to fuck my ass, it's not like they're in love.
  8. Rigamarole

    Rigamarole Senior Member

    We have a name for your type 'round here.

    We call them ass-kissers.
  9. I Do
  10. kaygin

    kaygin Member

    hmmm. (some hesitation) i would let you.
  11. bluegirl

    bluegirl Member

    no, you're not weird. you have a lot of company.
  12. redline

    redline Member

    ur so fuckin HOT, I know ;-)

    just seeing ur pics and some of the stuff you talk aout turns me on so much

  13. dibblydowcus

    dibblydowcus Member

    Your not so girlfriend has mentioned numerous times that she'd like to bugger me with a strap-on!...I can't say I'm too fussed about the idea; however I've had a wee hankering to try anal out with her as the I suppose its a question of give and take!....what do you suggest?
  14. freakon

    freakon Member

    depends..... i can feel that he might think my **** aint good enough for him so he need another hole...... we can't all fit.... and anal is the second option ...
    but i never do it anymore, cant enjoy it
  15. now?

    now? Member

    My huband and I have been married for 28 years. I am flattered that he still wants me anyway, anywhere, anytime--lol maybe the accessibility factor is WHY he still wants me after all these years. And yes, I love it that he loves my ass and wants it, along with my other parts too. lol
  16. toolmaggot

    toolmaggot Nuts Go Here.

    I wish anybody would check out my ass.

    Unfortunately, I have no such thing.

    But I got no beef with buttsex.
  17. Rigamarole

    Rigamarole Senior Member

    Toolmaggot, you yet live? Haven't seen you in a while.


    Might want to rephrase that. (or not)
  18. Bella_Donna

    Bella_Donna *Femme Fatale*

    I'd be flattered.:)
  19. theblackrose

    theblackrose Member

    you're totally my type...if my gf would let me (or help me)...i'd give you some ass attention

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