Ladies : Anal or Vaginal

Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by nz male, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    What gets you more turned on:
    A : having something placed in your vagina

    B: something penetrating your anus ?
  2. silk896

    silk896 Member

    having my bottom penetrated is sort of special - I have not offered it to all that many of my partners: it sort of a special occasion thing.
    however, that said, vaginal penetration is so comforting and good: I never tire of it, whereas too much anal could be just that.

    Both good: time and place!
  3. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Staff Member Super Moderator

    "Something placed."

    A finger?
    A penis?
    Small dogs?
    Grand ideas?

    I tend to not be a passive object with my partners, so nothing gets "placed."
  4. kairilove

    kairilove Member

    Ummm... context dependent perhaps??

    And why not an option for both?
  5. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    Have altered question now
  6. LittleTex

    LittleTex Member

    I have to agree ... I love anal .. I don't like not having a choice... My ass is a gift ..
  7. sunshine186

    sunshine186 midnight toker

    phrasing is everything, right?
  8. myttia

    myttia Member

    and yet like me you end up practically anal only ;)
  9. LittleTex

    LittleTex Member

    Yes girl... For about 4 years now...
  10. Linehaul

    Linehaul Member

    Thank you for making our sex life so great baby.
    I love you!
  11. TheSamantha

    TheSamantha Member

    I definitely prefer to have a dick placed, no shoved, up my vagina. Don't care too much for anal.
  12. LittleTex

    LittleTex Member

    Yes baby... Love you... :love:
  13. myttia

    myttia Member

    you guys are so cute :) (true anal :love: ?)
  14. LittleTex

    LittleTex Member

  15. odonII

    odonII O

    ...being the operative word here...
  16. Quiet Storm

    Quiet Storm Member

    I can't believe this is a question. -- of course I'm going to say vagina -- every single time.
    I don't, really don't see how any woman would ever get pleasure from anal, or even enough to compare to vaginal sex or pleasure.
    no, no way.
    that stuff hurts :(
  17. mted

    mted Member

    What a delightfully broad generalisation. However I also don't understand why any woman (or a straight man, for that matter) would want to be "anal only". Fucking a girl in her ass is great when she is enjoying it, but I wouldn't ever give up fucking her pussy, or see why she would even want me to stop doing that. I suspect there's one or two gay dude fantasies in this thread.
  18. myttia

    myttia Member

    What a delightfully boring generalization.

    My pussy is small and not very deep, and I dont find it very satisfying. For whatever reason, I also dont come from it, only when I get assfucked.

    What should I do about this? See a therapist? let me know.
  19. mted

    mted Member

    I'm guessing you should just find a bigger cock. Believe me, the pussy will adjust to your partner's size and he might end up hitting spots you previously didn't know were there.
  20. iluvpleasure

    iluvpleasure Member

    Anal is so much more intense for me. However, I wouldn't go exclusive anal.

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