Krishna : 'Zorba the Buddha'

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    Krishna,if you view his life in general, is a far cry from the other prophets like Buddha, Mahavira, Muhammad ,Jesus, Moses who lived an austere life of self-denial.

    The charecterestic of Krishna's life is his many-sidedness. He was great as a musician, as a scholar,as a yogi, as a dancer, as a poet, as a soldier, as an administrator, as a philosopher and spiritual master, and as a gentleman.

    Krishna , through out his life was known for his cheerfulness and his funloving nature and mischief . He stole the butter and ghee of the gopis, teased them and flirted with them, stole their clothes while they were bathing, sang songs in the moonlight(which he loved) and danced with them. He was also known for his sense of humour and cracked jokes spontaneously.

    Can you imagine the Buddha dancing gaily with young women, or Jesus playing a flute or Muhammad singing songs in praise of nature and life or Moses cracking jokes?

    And even though Krishna's life was a tragedy, he always faced life with non-attachment and equanimity, and a perpetual cheerful smile in his face to the very end.

    As Osho says in his classic "Krishna :The man and his philosophy", Krishna represents a new order of humanity; Krishna combined in himself the spiritual charecterestics of Buddha, and the materialistic charecterestics of Zorba the Greek. He was himself steeped in non-attachment,yoga, equanimity of mind, spirituality and at the same time he enjoyed life to the maximum.He was in short Zorba the Buddha.

    Krishna was the personification of his teaching,"The wise man is he who is intensely peaceful in the midst of intense action, and intensely active in the midst of intense peace."

    Sri Dutta Gurumali, an Indian spiritual master, has stated that Kriishna was the greatest yogi the world has ever known, and the greatest bhogi(enjoyer of life) too that the world has ever known, in the last 5000 years.

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, an Indian enlightened master, and who is the creator of the Art of Living Foundation , bases his institutions philosophy on this trait of Krishna, and has stated "God loves fun."

    We all don't need to be staunch followers of Krishna, but let us assimilate this beautiful trait of Krishna, namely 'Zorba the Buddha.' :)
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    Om mani padme hum!

    Peace and love
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    It was also the name of a cafe on the Rajneesh ranch in Oregon back in the 80's. :)

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    Krishna(Caitanya) - Supreme Personality of Godhead. One realizes this after millions of lifetimes of karma, jnana and yoga.

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