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Discussion in 'New Movies' started by Mastermind, May 13, 2007.

  1. Mastermind

    Mastermind Member

    I just saw the previews for this one when I went to see spiderman 3, I think it looks really funny. I know it's by the same director of the 40-year old virgin which is still one of my favorite comedy movies, anyone going to be seeing knocked up? Here is the myspace page for the movie if you haven't seen the previews yet, check it out. (
  2. PLURx3

    PLURx3 Member

    I wanna see this after watching the perviews. Lol, it looks kinda dumb but a funny plotline and I can see a few good jokes being thrown around.
  3. Mastermind

    Mastermind Member

    I think that it looks like a really light hearted relationship comedy & an interesting departure for Apatow after his last movie. i'll be seeing it with my fiance'... Looks alot different than the 40 year old virgin, which was absolutely hilarious and kind of off the wall, this looks more down to earth. By the way, if you want, theres a funny little flash for the movie i found linked from the official site,, where you take 2 of the cast members faces and mix and match their features, kinda like that skit on Conan. I've been messing with it for hours :)
  4. 5ynapse

    5ynapse Member

  5. reignman

    reignman Banned

    i can't wait to see this movie either, i love katherine heigl!
  6. mrsshf

    mrsshf Member

    Looks REALLY funny! I can't wait to go see it, and I hope I'm not disappointed.
  7. definitely going to be one of the firsts in line this friday. it's about time we got "the stoner from 40 year old virgin" in a main character role. next we gotta get paul rudd up there...​
  8. I am dieing to see Knocked Up. A heard from a friend who saw a sneak peak that it was absolutely hilarious. I loved the 40 Year Old Virgin so I am sure this will be a hit. I have been watching the trailers and clips on Zannel to hold me over until I can see it on Friday.

    They even have a hilarious dance contest with the movie as well. If someone submits the sprinkler or the shopping cart then they are sure to win. ;)
  9. ratso

    ratso Member

    Yeah, judd apatow is a genius. I think Knocked Up could be even funnier than 40 y/o just judging by the trailers. I made a couple babies with that knocked up baby maker. Try as I might I couldn't make a normal looking baby! So I just made the freakiest one I could come up with and about rolled on the floor laughing. Too funny.
  10. veroness

    veroness There's only one :)

    i saw it on monday and let me tell you, the best funny movie i have seen in a while. my friend described it as a stoner chick flick and id agree. the movie was so god damn funny and my favorite part was when this guy just took a shower and trimed his bush and after he told everyone that a nother guy was like " that was you always leaving your pubes on the toilet, jesus christ everytime i shit and then look at poo its like a god damn stuffed animal" thats exactly what he said but you get the point.
  11. tubahead

    tubahead Member

    What was awesome was that half of the cast has been working with apatow since Freaks and Geeks. They really seemed to work well together. Movies like this make me feel good because I learn that it is alright to be a stoner geek.
  12. IzzieStevens

    IzzieStevens Member

    I am so excited to see this movie! The weather has been so nice here lately that I feel bad staying inside a movie theater, so I'm waiting for a rainy day.
  13. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    Excellent movie. Funnier than 40 Year Old Virgin.
  14. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    I have extremely low expectations for this movie...

    They are infact so low that I may actually enjoy this one.
  15. norajean

    norajean Member

    Just saw it. Almost as funny as the 40 year old virgin. Kinda gross in some spots but very funny.
  16. WWKCD729

    WWKCD729 Member

    it was fucking hiliarious!!!!i laughed my ass off
  17. Moh-Lum

    Moh-Lum Member

    It's a funny movie! I say it's better than 40 year old virgin by a mile. I guess i felt like i related to the movie personally. hehe
  18. I have it on my One of the few movies that could be considered a romantic comedy/borderline chick flick that I like. You know that's those guys real lives at some
  19. Marlyn

    Marlyn Member

    HOLY SHIT!!! This movie was amazing!!! I love Judd Apatow's stuff, like all of it, and Seth Rogen is masterful - he's a friggin writer!1 He writes for that show Undeclared!! I didn't know this until I recently read an article about him in Vancouver magazine, and then I read one on Judd Apatow that same day in WiRed!!
    but yes, this movie went beyond its jokes and eventful plot, it was really nice and had a good positive message, and again Judd Apatow made a masterpeice out of his scenes, like the one at the Birthday where Seth Rogen is going off on Paul Rudd about something he told the girls, and then right after he leaves Paul just turns around and starts singing Happy Birthday XD it was such a serious scene and he
    completely turned it around without taking the seriousness away from it!

    Favored Quotes:
    Jonah: Well you know what I think, is you should get it taken care of.
    Jay: Dude what?
    Jonah: I'm not going to say it but it rhymes with schashmortion.
    Jay: What?! No!
    Jonah: Ok I'm going to say it a little more sensitively for 'baby ears' over here, but I think you should get a schashmortion. I think you should go to the schashmortion clinic and get a schshmortion.

    Jonah: Hey Crocket, how's Tubbs doing?
    Martin: Oh, another beard joke?
    Jonah: How did it feel changing your name from Cat Stevens to Yusef Islam?
    Martin: It was really awkward.
    Jonah: See ya... Scorcese on coke.

    Seth: This yard is *really* big!

    Seth: I'm sorry I'm sweating on you.
    Katherine: Ok just stop talking..

    Seth: Steely Dan can gargle my balls

    Jay: Man, my balls are shaved, my pubes are trimmed, I'm ready to fuckin' rock this shit!
    Jonah: What the fuck, man? If I go in there and see fuckin' pubes sprinkled on the toilet seat, I'm gonna fuckin' lose my mind! Last time I went to the bathroom, Jay, I took a shit and my shit looked like a fuckin' stuffed animal!
    Jay: Dude you're embarressing me in front of company!
  20. Brand New Soul

    Brand New Soul Senior Member

    I saw it and I thought it was really fun :) I plan on buying it. Loved it!

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