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Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by mboz, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. mboz

    mboz Member

    i dont know but, for some reason when i am masturrbating i think of myself sucking a cock and it turns me on like no other, god thats embarassing. what does that mean? i like it and i like to think aobut it, but i dont think i would actually do it if i had the oppurtunity, but anywayz is that bad?
  2. velvet

    velvet Banned

    Nothing you fantasize about is bad.. because it's all just in your mind.. and a dirty mind is a joy forever ;) Now besides the clich├ęs: maybe you're gay, maybe you're bi, maybe you're just straight. Before I had sex I didn't know anything except for how I responded to stimulation myself.. therefor I fantasized a lot about other girls, since I could imagine what they would feel and how they would react.. as opposed to boys, about whom I had no clue at that age, since I didn't have any experience with them. As soon as I got some experience, my fantasies started shifting more towards guys and intercourse and such, although I do still fantasize about almost everything else as well, including things I would NEVER do for real if I had the chance :)

    No worries.. just enjoy :)

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