Kids say the darndest things!

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by does2, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. does2

    does2 Member

    I know we have all heard something along the lines of this:

    "Hey, I got some thousand milligram vicodins, wanna buy some?"

    I heard this one yesterday, "Can you tell me about 30mg Ativans?"

    Share yours.
  2. Eric1989

    Eric1989 Member

    Kids will walk up to me at school and ask if I wanna buy tabs. I ask how many milligrams and they usually say 500. Dumb fucks thing the apap is the hydro
  3. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    Yeah, it's common. y0 I got some 750mg Vicodins! "You mean 7.5mg" Hell nah, not that weak shit, this is the real strong shit.

  4. Slingblade

    Slingblade Member

    I think the dumbest thing i hear from kids is 'My friends got this shit you want some?'

    Then 3 hours later theyre like oh he couldnt come through.

    Im so glad im outta high school.
  5. Oxyrisin2

    Oxyrisin2 Member

    LOL I hear that shit all the time too.Then its, ok buddy go ahead and enjoy your 750mgs of vics :rolleyes:
  6. Slingblade

    Slingblade Member

    I also heard this kid once telling me about getting a 'water high'. He wouldnt drink anything for two days and then drank like a gallon of water at once and supposedly got a 'buzz'. Fucking kids.
  7. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    Drinking a gallon of water at once is a good way to kill yourself.
  8. Slingblade

    Slingblade Member

    ^+1. Maybe Darwin was on to something :D
  9. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    were not all dumb... just the ones who talk too much and try to get
  10. seizedbyanger

    seizedbyanger Banned

    idk if this is supposed to be drugs only, but

    my dad tried to argue with me that the reason the stars look different every night is because the stars are moving, not the earth and that the earth revolves around the sun but that the other planets revolve around the earth and the sun. idk how that would even work.

    he also tried to tell me that cold water boils faster than hot water.

    i've said some stupid shit, but come on this is like first grade shit.
  11. china_white

    china_white Banned

    cold water boils slower, just like it freezes slower then hot water.

    I think the best thing I heard was some kid trying to sell me perc when he had no oc40's

    he went on and on about how after I try this I will never want to do oxy again because
    its that much better :S
  12. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    "Man fuck that Oxycontin shit, I don't do that shit man, I only fuck with Percs."


    So Oxycodone AND Acetaminophen is MUCH better for you.

  13. "man.. all we got is $72"....

    i suppose i should explain this..

    So me and 2 buddies are walking from their house over twords mine.. well we're passing one of the crack shack bars and these two guys just geekin are like "hey man.. ya guys know where i could find a rock" and my buddy is like "yea.. i got some for sale.." and they were like "let me see whatcha got".. and he pulls a piece of a tums out of his pocket and hads it to the dude.. guy is like "looks good.. what is it a gram?" and he's like yea... well the guy is like "well man.. i only got $70.. "and he walks over to his buddy with the rock and he's like "i got $2..." so we sit their and hassel with them being like "whatcha think? we stupid" "oughta slap ya for thinkin that" and whatnot.. they are like beggin.. just fiendin for more cuz they so geeked out and finally we were like "iight.." make th trade and then we were like "if ya need any more.. ask around for (insert name here).." and left..
  14. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    Haha, man that was kinda fucked up...

  15. you think that's fucked..

    we're over at my buddies house.. which is in like the "ghetto" of my town.. its really just the housing unit... so we're sittin out on the stoop.. tryin to figure out what the fuck to do.. and this hype rolls up on a bike.. we knew he was a hype cuz we've served him before.. so he's like "man.. i just snuck out of the house..(he was livin in a halfway house.. when released from country for drugs probably)and i need a fix.. i got $50.." So. my buddy is talkin.. and i walk in the house and out the back pouch door.. walk over to a friends house and grabbed baking soda.. cuz we had none.. came back and by the time i got back my buddy was in the house.. hype outside.. we put some soda and mixed it with salt.. to give it a lil texture.. knot it and hand it to him.. this is where it gets interesting.. he walks into my buddys house and goes in the kitchen and busts out a bump.. we look at eachother like.. oh fuck... now we gotta beat up a crackhead.. he does the bump and goes "AH!.. maaaan... i didn't want meth".. so we are like "hold up.. let me make a call" we call a bogus number.. act to talk.. and go "yea... guy said he'll meet ya over and such and such and he'll hook ya up" hes like "ok man" we jumped in my car and jetted.. got some beer, a bag, and a grape owl..

  16. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    Mannnn that is mean :(

    I guess that is the risk you take when you are a crackhead, but I wouldn't personally do that to someone, no offense, lol.

    I've been ripped off a few times, so I know how it feels.
  17. this was back in the day when i was a knucklehead.. i've taken drugs since then that have changed my perspective on life and the way i live

    RELAYER mādhyamaka

    How about this one :
    "Aight yo my mans said he has to charge $10.00 each for these since they a better brand."
    (this was my old connection, a 30-something black dude who used to sell me Percocet 10mg's for $5.00 each, and had different pills in his hand that he assumed were 'name brand' or a 'better brand', God only knows.)
    "Oh seriously? Alright whatever that's fine..."
    (me, back when I was a fiend and learned the hard way to never argue with black dudes prices. I probably would have paid anything back then just to keep from getting sick.)
    Looked at the 6 'percocet 10mgs' in my hand that I just payed $60.00 for, and noticed that they were little round soft blue/green pills, scored as ABG on one side, and 80 on the other.
    "I dont know if I can afford these for much longer if they cost this much."
    "Nah it's just because he got these from a friend, he's still getting the other ones but he has a bunch of these for now. If you buy 2 Ima bless you with a free one."
    "Aight then thats cool, I'll call you."
    "Aight. If you need to hold any just hit me up."
    I get back to my car and start laughing, half with pre-game euphoria and half because of how stupid some people in this world can be. Pulled out with 480mg's of OxyContin for the price of a few Percocets and proceeded to enjoy a weekend of chasing sounds jumping from cloud to cloud.
    Gotta love 'name brand' Percocet lol, ABG came through in a big way! :tongue:
  19. Slingblade

    Slingblade Member

    RELAYER, that would be the most AWESOME thing I ever heard, not the dumbest! Well dumb on the black dudes part for not knowin what hes sellin, but damn some people have all the luck!
  20. Eric1989

    Eric1989 Member

    Haha. I think the funniest is when kids will pop a shitload of percs, and when I mention OC their mouthed drop. " I don't fuck with OC man!"

    This is after they hve ingested 4000+MG of Tylenol from the percs.

    Makes you wonder. I actually feel bad for kids who have no idea what their doing and aren't smart enough to research a pill before they pop it.

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