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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by feministhippy, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. feministhippy

    feministhippy Member

    My little cousin is a big Telletubbies fan, and his favorite color is purple, so naturally he likes Tinky-Winky. I was a little desturbed that children still watch that show, but I thought "What the hell, I don't get to see him that often" and got him a Tinky-Winky shirt.

    His parents didn't mind, but they're still afraid to let him wear that shirt to school because they're afraid other kids will make fun of him because the whole "Is Tinky-Winky gay?" controversy. (yeah, because the Telletubbies have some amazing character devopement goin' on) But I don't understand that. My cousin is barely five years old and he's in kindergarden. I don't think at that age the kids will make that connection. I mean, he wears it out at the mall where all the adults are, and the adults are more likely to be negative towards him about that than the kids are, aren't they?

    I'm not going to try to butt in anymore because even though I bought the shirt, he's their kid. I'm not going to say anything to them, but is it just me, or are they being a wee bit overprotective?
  2. Super_Grrl

    Super_Grrl Crazy love

    That's horrible. I really hate it when people ruin stuff for kids like that. It's like the whole "Bert and Ernie are gay" thing all over again. You're right (probably) that adults are more likely to be negative, at least at first. Unfortunately, kids tend to mimc everything their parents (and other grown-ups) do...I'm sure your cousin's parents are just trying to protect him from schoolyard crap. Kids can be so mean, and sometimes it starts so young.
  3. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    If his parents really feel it's a problem, they can just have him wear the shirt when he won't be in places where people might tease him. I don't personally beleive how weird some people can be about stuff like this (but I don't let my kids wear merchandised characters on clothes at all) but they may just be trying to protect him. UNLESS they beleive it. Yes, Tubbies, the character development, LOL.

    Did you know Sponge Bob is now on the Weirdo Righty's list of "Shows that Promote the Homosexual Lifestyle as Normal?" I haven't noticed, but if he does promote Gays as normal, good for Sponge Bob.
  4. sugrmag

    sugrmag Uber Nerd

    Unfortunately, kids are mean and pick on each other, even at that young age. A girl in Maddie's kindgarten class told her that her hair was ugly once. He may get teased for the shirt, and may not. The only reason I could see the kids picking on him, though, is for wearing a shirt that has a "baby" show on it! Kids that age prolly don't know what "gay" means. But, it's really up to the parents to decide what they think is best for their child. I'm with Maggie and don't allow "character advertisements" on my children, either.
  5. Applespark

    Applespark Ingredients:*Sugar*

    lol I think it's a little weird that at that age they are actualy worried abouthim being teased about being gay. Man some peopel are really too worried about homosexuality. SO WHAT IF HE IS? hahaha....
  6. Midget

    Midget Senior Member there actually a list of TV shows and such that promote a homosexual agenda? :p If kids do make fun of them, they should automatically get a lecture about how it's OK to be gay. :) But yeah, I doubt the kids would even know... course, I have to agree with everyone else...I'm not big on adverstisements on shirts and stuff. :)
  7. feministhippy

    feministhippy Member

    Yeah, they said that about Spongbob. I found this article on Yahoo about people who are defending it:

    I'm glad that the United Church of Christ stood up and said that they support these shows and think that this is all an excuse for jerks to use religion just to treat people like crap. Because they're right. And it's nice to hear that coming from a group of people who are often critisized for being homophobic. It's like when the Methodist Church in New Paltz wrote a letter to the local paper supporting gay marriage. That rocked.

    My feeling on Telletubbies and Spongbob is they're both terrible shows, but kids love them and people are just ruining their fun merely to gain public attention. That's not fair.
  8. Midget

    Midget Senior Member

    Why do you think they are terrible shows?
  9. feministhippy

    feministhippy Member

    I just can't stand them. I was in middle school when Telletubbies came out, and all of the girls watched it and we actually watched an episode in home and careers. Even though Telletubbies is a show targeted towards 2 year olds. It was so annoying. So I guess it's not fair for me to say it's terrible, it's just annoying.

    Spongebob is the next Ren and Stimpy. Kids love it, but so do adults. I've heard so many adults who think it's hilarious. I don't think it's funny at all. It's just stupid. Much like Ren and Stimpy was, actually.

    Just not my thing, I suppose. And I am the type of person who watches kids shows. I watch Nickelodeon more than any other channel. I am unashamed.

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