Kids fingerprinted without parental consent AT SCHOOL!!!

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by ming the merciless, May 14, 2007.

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    The fascist regime of Great Britain has now started to fingerprint children at school without parental consent. It means no person shall remain innocent until proven guilty and as of the year 2007 we can no longer consider ourselves to be living either within a democracy, nor within a country which upholds values of personal liberty. The UK is now a prison. Basically a Police state supported by a fascist media and political establishment.

    This year marks the point at which those interested in restoring a political establishment based on trust and good reason can no longer sit idle while those others risk their lives in the front line of protest. The goal is now one. To restore the democratic process to government and to restore personal autonomic freedoms to the people of Great Britain. This cannot be achieved within the framework of capitalism as the demands of those who own the means of production have now imposed themselves on the freedom of those who work for a living. There is now no reason to hide your disattisfaction and contempt behind a thin veneer of civil protest for the fascist Junta that sits behind the 600 or so MP's in parliament. There is now no portion, part or element within government that represents either the people or the people's wishes. Your vote is merely seen as a pressure valve. My advice is that you must decide personally the level of involvement you will take but the regime is now in direct opposition to the ideals of freedom and responsibility.
    There is now no need to act in a civilised manner toward any part of the establishment behind british politics and its media nor to comply with even
    the smallest of its fascist demands - There is no need to comply with the demands of its army, nor with contempt of its police toward you. Gordon Brown will not save you he is there to smash the last vestiges of reason and sits as a prime minister interested in breaking the last remaining spirit of the british slaves. Where Tony Blairs Job was to deal with politics internationionally. Brown is there to deliver you into the hands of the police state. He is there to concentrate on getting what the rich want at home now they have a bigger income flowing into the country.

    Do not accept their mistrust of you - remember it is them who are the most vile and corrupt criminals. I urge you to switch your politics for a brief moment of history to garauntee that you will be able to think what you want to think in the future. To opppose 100% this triparty junta of fascists in parliament and to fight against those who uphold its values which are against democracy and against freedom of expression and against the idea of innocent till proven guilty.
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    I can be classed as guilty myself sometimes but these boards do suffer an overly judicious use of the word Fascist. When we do come up against them the response will be "what you mean like Blair", hardly gonna strike fear into anyone now is it.

    A link to back up the headline would be polite also.
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    Then perhaps a good reply would be, no, not idiots and cynics like tony blair, but people who control the civil service. Blair is just a good media person politicians are merely the acceptable face of the facists that you dont see. They are merely guilty of corruption and prostitution, but the fascists that run the civil service branches - the people you rarely see on tv that are usually "lord so and so" are the fascists. The politicians are fascists but nothing like the warped and power hungry state - people confuse politicians with the state - the state is simply the civil service they are the power - politicians are merely the glory
    pull down the old power and put a new glory in place

    all it takes is a fight with them and a few years later we can restore sensible government which represents and listens to the people instead of only to big rich people and corporations

    Revolution was spirit but the establishment of order was glory
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    Here in Pennsylvania, USA that happens quite a bit...

    What happens is this:
    There is a program most police forces in the country have called "D.A.R.E." and I do not recall what it stands for, but it is an anti-drug program. They go to schools raising awareness of drugs and all that sort of thing - to be honest they tend to get more kids interested in drugs than scared, but that's another story altogether.

    One thing they do is show you how scary it is to be arrested, and they do indeed fingerprint the kids. Of course a bunch of eight year olds are going to love it - so they all gladly get printed.
  5. ming the merciless

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    The time is right to lose your fear and to become responsible enough to say "the fight is now also mine." This is what is meant when parents look at children and say "the future is in their hands" It means they werent courageous enough. Stand firm and fight and live forever in the psyche and history of the world - one fight is all we need to restore order but a long and bitter fight
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    Drugs Are Really Expensive ;) or so the t-shirt said.

    that's the same program that has kids tell on their parents of they know their parents smoke or may have a plant or two growing in a closet.

    i've seen the studies that show that kids that go through DARE are more likely to use drugs than those that done. ironic really.
  7. ming the merciless

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    In the Uk the object is to fingerprint all children soi that the police do not have to collate that data later for ID cards. The fascistr police state is out of control, no need for a debate now as to whether we have a police state when the state takes advantage of the innocence of children and dupes them into believing this is normal practice then there is no longer any need to ask "Is this a police state" You know its a fucking police state - I mean what else is the fingerprinting for but to police the people. HA HA HA - hold tight all you people who secretly want the fascist state youre about to get what you want, and you know what - you really are not going to like it one bit because to prove theyre not fascist, the second people that will suffer (the first wave was muslims) the states political thoughtcrime police will be all the real little titheads and tosser nobodies like you. That will send the message - "we are not fascist". Thats to placate the left while they become even more draconian. The third wave will be criminals (after the id card is in place) thats to say "Told you so on the id card scheme) Fourth will be left wingers like me - thats because by that time most people will be too scared to say fuck all in protest against them and they can fuck people up just how they like.

    Do not worry they will get you in one way or another Non-One is innocent - no-one not even you - not now anyway HA HA HA hi there criminal !
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    I'll ask again then, where are these children getting fingerprinted, it's still news to me.
  9. ronald Macdonald

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    Cornwall does have Tv screens yeah boss? where have you been for the last 6 months

    CHILDREN aged 11 to 16 are to have their fingerprints taken and stored on
    a secret database, internal Whitehall documents reveal.

    The leaked Home Office plans show that the mass fingerprinting will start in
    2010, with a batch of 295,000 youngsters who apply for passports.

    The Home Office expects 545,000 children aged 11 and over to have their
    prints taken in 2011, with the figure settling at an annual 495,000 from
    2014. Their fingerprints will be held on a database also used by the
    Immigration and Nationality Directorate to store the fingerprints of hundreds
    of thousands of asylum seekers.

    The plans are outlined in a series of “restricted” documents circulating
    among officials in the Identity and Passport Service. They form part of the
    programme for the introduction of new biometric passports and ID cards.
    Opposition politicians and privacy campaigners warn that the plans show
    ministers are turning Britain into a “surveillance society”.

    David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said: “This borders on the sinister
    and it shows the government is trying to end the presumption of innocence.
    With the fingerprinting of all our children, this government is clearly
    determined to enforce major changes in the relationship between the
    citizen and the state in a way never seen before.”

    Under the new passport and ID scheme, everyone over 16 who applies for
    apassport will have their details — including fingerprints and eye or facial
    scans — added to the National Identity Register from next year.

    From October 2009, ID cards will be issued alongside new passports.
    Initially these will not be mandatory, but Tony Blair has said that if Labour
    is reelected it will make them compulsory, a process that the documents
    predict will take just over a decade.

    Children under 16 will not be part of the ID card scheme. But the
    documents show that from 2010 they will still have to be fingerprinted for a
    new passport.

    The prints will initially be stored on the directorate’s database. Once
    children reach 16 their fingerprints and other personal information will be
    passed for storage on the register, along with those of nearly 50m adults.

    Children applying for passports will have to travel up to 80 miles to special Home Office screening centres to have their fingerprints taken.

    The leaked plans envisage 90 new enrolment centres for the ID card scheme on top of the existing network of passport offices. They estimate that it will cost £528m over 10 years in travel costs for the 5.75m people expected to apply for a new passport each year.

    The documents also spell out how the cost of passports is set to rise again this year. They say that unless the Home Office can get extra funding for the scheme, the cost of an adult passport will rise by £10 to £76 this

    The cost will have risen by 81% since December 2005 when it increased
    from £42 to £51. Last October the price rose again to £66. When Labour
    came to power in 1997 a passport cost £18.

    The plans show that the price of a child’s passport is to rise even more
    sharply, to £58 from the present £45. The price will have more than doubled
    in less than two years, rising in stages from £25 to £34 in December 2005
    and to £45 last October.

    Critics described the plans as a stealth tax on holidaymakers to pay for the
    controversial ID cards scheme. Ministers have already conceded that the
    cost of the new combined ID card and passport will be £93 from 2009, but
    the documents show that price could rise to £109 at to-day’s prices.

    A range of further “stealth charges” will also be imposed, according to the
    documents. Women who change their names if they get married will have to
    pay £36; a further £27 will be charged to replace a lost or stolen ID card;
    £26 to replace a damaged card; and £6 for a change of address or personal
    ID number.

    The documents show that ID cards will not be made compulsory for more
    than a decade, under present plans. “Compulsion will be triggered once 80%
    take-up is achieved in [the first quarter of] 2019,” they state. “It is
    assumed that, following compulsion, a 100% registration will be achieved
    two years later.”

    The prime minister has hailed the ID cards scheme as the centrepiece of
    efforts to combat terrorism and illegal immigration, as well as identity theft
    and benefit fraud. But opponents dismiss it as a “Big Brother” scheme that
    is too expensive, poorly planned and unlikely to function efficiently.

    Last year leaked e-mails from civil servants warned the scheme could be a
    “botched operation” that could delay the introduction of ID cards for a
    generation. The government says the scheme will cost £6 billion to
    implement. However, in 2005, the London School of Economics estimated it
    would cost £19 billion.

    Dont vote Tory either they will shit on you
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    Obviously different channels down here. Thanks for the links.

    No I dont agree with ID cards, for children or otherwise.
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    the issue isnt really about id cards for children its the fact that the cabinet authorised or ordered the education department to implement fingerprinting for children so that there will be no way that as an adult they can avoid fingerprinting. ID cards via the backdoor before they are compulsory. Fact of the matter is that one way or another this is home office interference in education system business. This is police driven bullshit and further provocation
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    in my day schoolkids weren't fingerprinted, but teachers were allowed to assault them. which is worse, I wonder?
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    New shock. Reminds me of my gran who said that in her day the shock was, "milkman shows ankle scandal".

    I actually agree with the school. In this day and age, kids are aware of their surroundings, environment and everything political, legal and stuff. Kids now say, "I know my rights, I will sue the teacher and you cant touch me". In my day, it was, "Sorry miss, I won't scribble notes on Jason Donavon or make references to the conservatives demise". How things have changed since 1988.

    Kids nowadays are commiting crimes, stabbing, shooting each other and innocent citizens. About time someone took initiative and fingerprinted the lot of em. Not a shock at all, it is common sense. Finally society is moving forwards:)

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