K tripping (Good and bad experiences) as opposed to DXM

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by CmonNow, Mar 16, 2008.

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    To IM users. This shit can get pretty weird in high doses. Anyone have any deep emotional experiences with Ket? I nusually IM about 125mg-150mg and use my own form of sensory deprivation(Loud fan, Eye covers, laying on my back in my bedroom) You dont have the water like a chamber, but I have found myself in some very strange places with K and the merging of the senses is much more pronounced then with trypts or phens IMO. Combining Typts and phens with high dose K is unbelievable as many know, but the disorientation and confusion can be alot more pronounced.

    So my question is. I am getting ready to have my first experience with pure DXM. I have tried syrups and couph meds and maybe im a hard head I dont know, but I have taken up to 800mg with only being a little giddy and lightheaded. Im sure the pure chem will hit alot harder and im wondering the effects as opposed to K. It seems like an 8 hour trip, but are you in a hole for 8 hours? I read and studied the plateaus* and am wondering the dose to hit the hole? And what the hole is like compared to a KHole? I wouldnt want to get caught in some of the states ive been in for longer then 45min so whats the appeal? Im sure you can get disoriented so whats a safe setting if your going to be under for 8 hours? Is it a dissassociative anesthetic? Or just a disassociate? Sorry for the questions I just want to be safe and the reasearch ive done on DXM varies so greatly its hard to get a read on whats safe and whats not.

    My final question is IS this shit worth it? I just want to try it. Im doubting its on par with K from what ive read, but ya know I dont want to miss anything either:)
  2. I am not an IM user but I have used a lot of ketamine and a lot of pure DXM (and syrups and cough pills), ketamine by snorting DXM by eatting.

    The merging of the senses is indeed much more pronounced than with tryptamines of phenethyalmines, they are dissociatives after all.

    Syrups and cough gel's do not hit near as hard in my opinion. You probably ate something before hand if 800 MG only made you feel giddy and light headed though, that is a high dose you should of at least hit plateau two from it but it sounds like you stayed on plateau one. I have taken large doses of DXM via syrup or gels right after eatting a meal and had very minimal effects. You really need to take DXM on an empty stumach, if you have food in your gut it seems to cut way down on the trip. Not sure why but everyone I know who has used a lot of DXM agrees that you really can't take it after eatting something and expect a clean or intense trip. Powder it is not as much an issue as syrup it seems.

    DXM is hard to compare to ketamine because it shares so many of the same aspects as ketamine does but just in slightly different ways. There is more confusion than with ketamine, but it is not in your face confusion it is more like a "what the fuck is going on" thought lingering in the back of your head. With ketamine it is more like "Hell yeah I don't know what the fuck is going on!" but with DXM it is more like "What the fuck is going on?? Really? Like what the fuck is going on!!!!". Haha not a good example really.

    On DXM I find it is more of a spacey drug. You will probably find yourself spacing out more so than on ketamine. It is a different type of spacing out though, on ketamine it is really a in your face kind of blast off feeling, where as DXM it is more of a general background feeling of not being very alert, staring off into space, feeling like shit is unreal. Ketamine is a blast off into surrealism in a rocket experience, DXM is a walk through a surreal mueseum experience. Everything on DXM looks totally alien and bizzare but also very foggy. Ketamine lacks the fogging effect of DXM.

    A DXM 4th plateua or plateua sigma is not like being in the K hole. The most intense experience I had on ketamine which I think was a K hole involved me closing my eyes and hearing faint music and floating through the universe in my head having past experiences relived and totally losing touch with where I physically was. The most intense DXM experience I have ever had invovled me feeling extremly out of it like my bedroom was a tiny little coocun and nothing outside of it existed, and I felt really flat and everything looked really flat like everything was nothing and I was nothing and nothing existed but this faint energy I was in which happened to be my room, and with my eyes fully open I saw in the corner of my bedroom a little alien squatted on the floor in the corner of my room (looked like yoda) and he was levitating off the ground with his legs crossed praying and he slowly floated up towards the ceiling. To me at the time this seemed like a perfectly normal experience, I was not freaked out that I was having open eye hallucinations and I was not even surprised that an alien was in my room. I didn't think it was awesome or anything, it was just, you know, an alien in my room nothing out of the ordinary. (that is what I mean by spaced out, like if I saw an alien on ketamine I would have been like holy shit!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!). Open eye visuals on DXM are not too common though so don't get your hopes up. Everything will look alien though, even if you don't see any aliens hehe.

    it is a dissociative anesthetic and it feels remarkably similar to ketamine. You will feel very numb on it even the next day. You will NOT be able to get hard or orgasm. On ketamine I could have easily fucked I think, but no way on DXM. Even the next day or two you might have trouble cumming but you will be able to get hard at least. Also you CAN NOT piss on DXM. It makes it EXTREMLY difficult to urinate. Every single time you have to piss will involve you standing in front of the toilet for thirty minutes spacing out trying your hardest to piss but not being able to. You will eventually be able to urinate but you really really need to focus on it. This was one of the most annoying effects of DXM and makes it significantly different from ketamine.

    DXM is a lot more like S ketamine than racemic (I forgot if I already mentioned that and don't feel like going up and looking hah).

    I would take ketamine over DXM any day, but just barely. Most people I know took ~600 mg doses, but that is considered to be pretty high, it is on the border line of being high as shit and on on a whole different level. I know people who have and also have taken over a gram of it but this is very risky, I know people who have had seizures from high doses and other serious problems. I would not go above 800 mg of the powder unless you feel comfortable doing so, and I would start at 300-500 and work my way up to 600 if I was you. It also depends a lot on weight and sex, females it seems to hit way harder at much lower doses.
  3. oh yeah also hope you don't get the itch from it. I didn't always get it, most people don't get it every time, but sometimes when you take DXM you will itch HORRIBLY bad all over. I know one dude who scratched his feet bloody on DXM because they itched so bad. Seems to happen mostly with higher doses, only happened to me a few times and I used DXM all the time.
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    Let's see...where to move his thread...

    We've got the Ket which is widely used as an anesthetic. And we've got that damn DXM, which I've always relegated to the Pharmaceuticals forum. I suppose that's where I'll send it.
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    The most intense trips I've ever had on DXM was when I took 32 triple C's (so 960 mgs of DXM.) I thought I was dreaming even though I knew I was awake...everything looked and felt like a dream but better. Colors were glossy and very bright. The other intense trip I had was when I drank a whole bottle of cough syrup and took 16 triple c's. I was sitting on the couch in my living room and it felt like I was floating in midair. It was amazing.

    Unfortunately, I've never done K but I'd love to. It's not a common drug around here...I don't know anyone personally who's done it.
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    Thanks for the info guys! I guess im going to try the pure DXM. Im a Ket user and I usually use high doses and know that getting shot into space fast and intensely. Its some wild shit to say the least and I have had some major experiences on it. Im glad the DXM isnt as crazy as K cause it had me worried. I was thinking I dont know if I can k-hole for 4-8 hours.
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    Phen described the differences very well.. I've only done K a handful of times, more experience with DXM, but K really fucks with your motor skills, balance, coordination, etc.. more than DXM does. I remember I tried to walk on K and I basically kept leaning sideways into the floor, it was impossible to walk or even stand. I felt like I was sinking into a cosmic web or something. DXM on the other hand always made me confused as to just what the fUCK was going on. I'd hear voices that weren't there, space became distorted, and I felt like I was floating alot. Oh and the damn itching!!! After a particularly frightening DXM trip, I swore it off forever and to this day haven't had the desire to try it again. I would love to try some Ketamine again, however... Did I mention that Ketamine seems to encourage telepathic-type experiences? I never got that with DXM. DXM was more frightening to me, a real mind-fuck at times. I'd take Ketamine over DXM any day...

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