:::JUSTiN.TV::: live head cam 24-7 reality lifecasting.. as seen on NBC Today..

Discussion in 'Reality TV' started by MervyPervy, Apr 3, 2007.

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    :::JUSTiN.TV::: live head cam 24-7 reality lifecasting.. as seen on NBC Today..

    Would YOU Wear a LiVE WEBCAM on Your Head 24-7 like this guy Justin from JUSTiN.TV ??.. see his live cam to believe it!..

    I was totally amazed when I saw this on NBC Today..
    He actually has the cam on 24-7 on his cap.. when he goes to the bathroom, sleeps, eats and goes on dates..

    On Monday 19th March 2007 a new webcam phenomenon known as Lifecasting was launched when Justin Kan from www.Justin.TV in San Francisco, switched on a live webcam attached to the side of his head. The mobile webcam transmits his life to the World, as seen through his eyes, every single minute of the day, 7 days a week.

    Within the first 2 weeks,
    Justin TV had 1 million viewers,
    all watching what it is like to be Justin for a day, a week, and many months and maybe years to come. During the first 14 days, www.Justin.TV became one of the fastest growing websites in the World, according to the Alexa World Website Rankings, with a ranking of No.35,620 of over 40 million websites.

    Justin.TV is destined to become a house hold name, based on the theory that people like watching people, as proven by the World wide success of the Big Brother reality TV series. The 23 year old Yale graduate generally goes about his life as he would normally, including eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom and working at the Justin TV office situated in his 2 bedroom San Francisco apartment, with Emmett, Kyle and Michael.
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    hah its been my favorite new website since monday.. its life but someone else's and you can't help but watch.. heh

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