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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by stacy lulu, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. stacy lulu

    stacy lulu yeeeaah buddy

    So im walking outside to my car and I see my ex...we had just gotten into an argument about him saying i cant go to him anymore even if i was with a jerk...so i was pretty pissed about that but i see him...and next to him hes slobbering all over is this big fat bitch hes been wanting to date...im thinking THAT is the girl hes been wanting to date? THAT?? Shes clingy and whorey and dirty....and he choses HER over me...I dont care but thats a self esteem lower there... I felt disgusted and violated. I just had the worse night of my life and i had to see that the next day...

    I started crying and i shoved myself in the car cause I just dont get it...the guys i meet tell me "ooo you're so pretty and beauitful, why arnt you taken??" I just look at them and think you're so full of shit...I hear guys like you all the time but we never end up going anywhere seriously

    and we dont. i just end up still being stuck alone, not that i dont mind but its nice to have someone around

    a lot of people tell me i dont give myself enough credit but after seeing that today, it blew a fuse in me. i AM a nice girl and i should be treated great. I get stuck with low lives all the time and i settle for it cause i think i wont do better. but im tired of the assholes and the "almost boyfriends"

    I really want to meet a man in my life, almost 19 years and i havent, i dont know what true love is, no one i went out with fell in love with me, i know that for sure. Im thinking thats why im not all for dating, because i know no one could fall in love with me, just one time :(

    just venting..
  2. GoodVibes1

    GoodVibes1 Member

    For a lot of immature guys that is what they want. Why? Clingy and whorey go well together because the young woman may have self esteem issues (clingy) and so will give him what he wants (whorey) ext, as well as almost all of the power in the relationship.
    From the way he acted and what he went after; I would guess you are a strong independent person who may not be easily persuaded* one way or another (*lack of a better word).

    As far as love is concerned I have had 4 girlfriends in my life and only one I fell in love with. Sadly I took that love for granted and lost it just a few months ago but we both are young. You being almost 19 and I just turning 20 we have a lot of time to find love, or love will find us. There is no rush.
  3. stacy lulu

    stacy lulu yeeeaah buddy

    well hes a little boy in a lot of ways and I was just hurt that he goes from a girl like me to a girl like that. He changed a lot..for the worse and my feelings for him are long gone but it does sadden me

    Im battling with 2 guys now and they seem to give up on impressing me quick and thats when i get angry cause thats how guys are today. They think they can win my heart but calling me beautiful and sweet..no you cant.. Im very independent and Its very hard to find a guy to live up to me, I see one thing wrong and Im gone..thats just how i am and im tired of the assholes around here...im not dramatizing but 99% guys here are asses

    you and me are very close but you and me have different experiences and thoughts. i know i have my life ahead of me but if i keep seeing guys like this. Im going to be single for a very long time

    oh and did i mention these are OLDER guys? 22-23! its like grow the FUCK up

  4. GoodVibes1

    GoodVibes1 Member

    Are you in college? If not than once you go wherever you want to go than that should open up the opportunity to meet a lot of different kinds of guys. I know that when I went to college I met less and less of the same kinds of women that I met in high school (nut jobs :/) and met some really chill people.

    yes we do have different thinking patterns and thats what makes us human and the opposite sex haha.
  5. MaryJBlaze

    MaryJBlaze eleven

  6. stacy lulu

    stacy lulu yeeeaah buddy

    ^^ I went to college for 7 months and never really met any guys. I wasnt paying too much attention on them :eek: but there are ssome good looking cool people in college :)

    Blaze...shes okay lol this girl lets her tits hang out cause obviously all they do is hang..ugh..

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