Just look at Ampsterdam

Discussion in 'Cannabis Activism' started by Terrapin Station, Aug 17, 2005.

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    amsterdam is a city
  2. nesta

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    1. it's AMSterdam, not AMPsterdam
    2. Amsterdam is a city in the Netherlands, not a nation.
    3. marijuana is not legal in amsterdam, it's simply tolerated - to a point. this allows the government to make money in very shady ways off of pot smokers. for example, though its illegal, you can get permission to sell it (sometimes) but no one that sells it is allowed to possess over a certain amount. this amount is too low to keep them in business, so there are occasionally random checks on coffeeshops simply because they know they'll be able to fine the proprietors and make money off of them other than taxes. this drives the prices up so that the owners can afford to stay in business despite the fines.
    4. Amsterdam has a LOT of problems that are mostly non drug related. petty theft is very rampant, and i've heard a lot of reports of sexual assault being pretty common. apart from that theres quite a bit of racial tension, issues people have with the government, etc. obviously just because marijuana is tolerated doesn't make it a better or safer place.

    everyplace in the world has a lot of very bad problems. that doesnt mean it wouldnt be cool to go to holland or canada or some other pot "friendly" location, but you give up certain things in order to gain others.
  3. The Netherlands government legalized marijuana in the 30's...

    I'm positive, but if I'm wrong someone tell me.
  4. nesta

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    you're wrong. it is illegal, but tolerated and to an extent licensed.
  5. nesta

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    if you don't believe me, check this (or any other site) for information: http://www.rism.org/isg/dlp/ganja/background/EuropLaws.html

    marijuana is decriminalized in the netherlands, NOT legalized. you still can get in trouble for it, its just they realize they can't simply get rid of it all, so they take steps to try and make as safe an environment for experimentation as possible. coffeeshops are not allowed to have over a certain amount, and they aren't allowed to sell you more than 5g per person per visit. as far as i know, you can't just bust it out and smoke anywhere, even if cigarette smoking IS permitted in the area. of course, being decriminalized, these rules are pretty lax and not strictly enforced 100% of the time, but it still isn't "legal," just officially tolerated. its a very unusual way of doing things, having something be simultaneously illegal and yet licensed, but its the way it is.
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    keeping it officially illegal also allows the government more say in how the coffeeshops are run and all that. if, say, the dutch government suddenly decides that it was a bad idea to start tolerating people breaking marijuana laws, it would probably be MUCH easier to close down the coffeeshops and such since marijuana is ALREADY illegal. i dont know how their system of government works, but here in the US you'd have a hell of a time trying to make alcohol illegal. but if it were already prohibitted but they didn't care if a few bars were around, it would be much easier for them to get rid of those bars later, you know?

    also, not every city in the netherlands has the same rules for marijuana use. as to my understanding (this information was obtained several years ago from travel guides and the like) some places, like amsterdam, offer cafes that sell marijuana to it's customers. other places may chose NOT to have such establishments. some places, afaik, allow delivery services but not actual stores. its all up to local government as to how to enforce the rules, i believe.

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