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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing Techniques' started by kookooeric, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. kookooeric

    kookooeric Member

    what up

    I just got a seed from a friend

    obviosuly what Im about to ask next indicates I have no knowledge about marijuana cultivation, but I would like to find out from some of the growers in here on what do I do with the seed?

    I heard about putting the seed in a wet napkin and keeping it under a warm light?

    please help out

  2. T.H. Cammo

    T.H. Cammo Member

    For the time being, just hold on to the seed (seeds?). Wrap it up and stash it in your closet. At the top of this sub-forum there are six "Stickys" - read them! It is easier for you to read a book than it is for me to write one everytime this question gets asked (or one like it).
    Once you get a basic knowledge of the whole process of growing, it is is much simpler to communicate!
  3. azezal

    azezal Member

    Hi. I am also quiet new and only on my second grow. Researched growing for ages and still made some simple mistakes. anyway, wont lecture you.

    I suggest, first thing you do is buy some square large pots and some plates to fit. Get some houseplant lime compost. Important that its lime because you want to keep the ph level at 7 all times. Most compost is lime anyway.

    Fill the pots, then water the soil, till its soaked. Dig a hole about 3cm deep then put the seed in it, then gently cover. Store in a warm place with loads of light.

    Get a powerfull lamp, such as grolux, would suggest for 10-20 plants.

    Don't bother with the tissue paper method. I tried it and wasted half my seeds. The seedlings are really sensitive when young. If you touch them it tends to kill them. Others may disagree, I suggest go straight for the big pots if you have space, if not get small pots then transplant later. Also research a lot.

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