Just getting into techno

Discussion in 'Music' started by Chris92, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Chris92

    Chris92 Member

    Ive started listening to techno a lot lately. Ive really been liking Dj tiesto and dj zany and the best song ever is sandstorm remix.
    I really dont know a ton of techno though.
    Does anyone know some techno with just a good beat and cool sound.
  2. Flagrare

    Flagrare Member

    You should look up Infected Mushroom, they have a lot of good techno. Lots of really good psychedelic techno.
  3. Chris92

    Chris92 Member

    Yea i love them, theyre one of my favorites actually, dont know why i didnt mention them.
  4. Hesh

    Hesh Member

    if u know sandstorm then u gotta know Darude, hes got some pretty nice trance music... his album Rush was on non-stop in my travels to europe. have u listened to any psytrance stuff?

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