Just found out President Trump is a scumbag

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Rahab, Feb 26, 2019.

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    Shouldn’t it be the veracity and worthiness of what the sources say that counts – does the comment or information been presented stand up to scrutiny?

    I read (listen and watch) things from many places and when I can and I’m unsure of something been said or presented I look into it - on other occasions I’ve already studied stuff and know something seems incorrect.

    The problem I’ve found is that far too often people will just accept something without question if it fits in with their bias or they present an argument about things that they are ill-informed about because they go with what they think they know rather than checking if it is correct (then become huffy when they are presented with the reality).

    Think about it - has any right wing that has come here been able to defend their right wing views from the valid criticism of their opponents?

    If you are honest you would have to admit the answer is no.

    Yes they jeer, they snipe, they make accusations and assertions but when it comes to it they run away from debate because they know their ideas can’t stand if examined too closely.
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