Just found out President Trump is a scumbag

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Rahab, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. 6-eyed shaman

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    I won’t deny that right wing hatered is abundant out there. Political violence is wrong regardless where it’s coming from. But in my experience I’ve found the opposite to be true.

    On the left side I see this on a regular basis:

    We are tolerant and open minded.... just as long as you tolerate what we want.

    We are inclusive... only if you agree with us.

    We are diverse...if you have the same opinions as us.

    We are equal...and some are super special equal
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  2. Asmodean

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    Could that be for a large part because of your focus on it? And also because of the biased news sources you primarily seem to use? They also focus heavily on anything that makes the left or liberals look bad, to the point it paints a distorted view.
    I mean if you really want to put it that people on the left on average are more violently intolerant than people on the right I doubt if you even try to get an objective view.
  3. 6-eyed shaman

    6-eyed shaman Sock-eyed salmon

    Couldn't the same be said for you, Meliai, and others?
  4. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    I'm not overly focussing on a particular politcal group in the way you do. Meliai neither as it seems to me.

    So you acknowledge what I'm saying in that post?
  5. 6-eyed shaman

    6-eyed shaman Sock-eyed salmon

    I can't deny I've posted articles from unpopular biased sources. But neither can you or anyone else though. Too many people have been brainwashed to believe that major corporate news sources that are bankrolled by corporate welfare checks are unbiased and always reputable "real" news.
  6. bugsboner

    bugsboner RIP Casey. I will never forget you x

    Yes but there is far more instances of Right Wing fulled racist/hate crimes than vice versa.

    What really pisses me off is some of Trump's ratbag cult followers accusing the Black Lives Movement of being terrorists, you would have to be a deadset moron if you believe that.
  7. Orison

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    Im going to abort this thread like demz abort babies.. #orangemanbad
  8. 6-eyed shaman

    6-eyed shaman Sock-eyed salmon

    Yes they keep telling us over and over that there are far more right wing racist hate crimes than left. So much so that the left has to create fake hate crime stories to justify that assertion like Jussie Smollet, Nick Sandmann, Yasmin Seweid lying about her hijab being yanked off, and many, many more.


    But they won't even DARE put left-wing hate crime stories like this the limelight: 2 Antifa shills attack 2 Hispanic Marines using slurs like "Wetback" and "Spic"

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  9. Okiefreak

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    That's because they're fake news.

  10. Orange man is good

    Doing more for world peace than any one else.

    Ending conflict with Nth Korea, Saudi Arabia, pulled out of Syria to advert a war, helped Britain escape the communist EU
  11. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    The orange man just walked away from the talks with NK because they won’t denuclearize – he hasn’t done squat – well maybe he has taken a shit
    all over democracy and everything that’s good.
  12. No, Trump will come out looking the good guy, he tried, but those crazy Nth Koreans didnt want to give up their nukes.

    Thats the way it will go and you know it
  13. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    You're being humorous or playing devils advocate right?
  14. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    It seems they got talking primarily because Kim saw use for it after meeting with the South Korean president. It's not Trump's accomplishment.
    And the things he said about his relation with and feelings of Kim are just plain disgusting. Especially from the supposed leader of the land of the free. North Koreans are dying of hunger and awfully oppressed by this nasty dictator. It's like Trump proclaiming his love and sympathy for Maduro: Also a 'great guy' of a country with 'enormous economical possibilities' :D (Trumps own words about what he sees in Kim and NK)
  15. 6-eyed shaman

    6-eyed shaman Sock-eyed salmon

    Hahaha yea and Jussie Smollet was REAL noose
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  16. Orison

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    you cant even upload an avatar.
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  17. bugsboner

    bugsboner RIP Casey. I will never forget you x

    Have to wonder if that Antifa spat with the Marines had something to do with the infamous George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case (and no, it doesn't make it right, but it would be somewhat understandable)

    Regardless, I live in Australia, and from my own experience Down Under, Facist Right-Wing Nutjobs are far more of a threat/likely to be violent, than the Militant Left.

    I have to say, we don't have any Lefties worship or revere a toxic figure and ideology like Hitler and Nazism/Facism, which undeniably a small but dangerous pack of Trump's loonies/RWNJs do.

    Anyhow I respect your opinions, and appreciate you citing examples (although was the Smollett fiasco all about him wanting a payrise, regardless he was a twat)

    This whole political and social climate on the planet these days is very concerning (regardless of your political leanings)

    Really wish people from all sides/races and religions could sit down at a massive table and thrash out their problems diplomatically.

    The United Nations is an oxymoron, what actually good and meaningful progress does the UN do these days ?
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  18. unfocusedanakin

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    Convenient these talks are when his associate is snitching on him. And funny how he said it was so inappropriate to have the hearing when he (of course since it's him) is doing such great things in the world. It's all a distraction and he's getting desperate.

    Vietnam does not have an extradition treaty with the USA.
  19. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Well at least I haven’t threatened my High School, College, or the US Government, if they release a copy of my SAT Scores, a transcript of my grades,
    or a copy of my ASVAB entrance exam scores ..lol... [​IMG]
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  20. Balbus

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    But the point is you don’t seem able to put up any rational arguments opposing many of the left wing views you dislike and you seem unable to defend in any rational way your own right wing views.

    Why would anyone agree with what seem to be bad ideas, without question, even when the person presenting them can’t defend them from valid criticism?

    I really don’t know what you are going on about – can you please explain?
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