:)Just a poem not sure if your interested :)

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by iscreamchocolate, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. iscreamchocolate

    iscreamchocolate Senior Member

    a poem: by me

    Traveling through the drifted dreams
    Through the rippling realms and streams
    Trying to find another
    Another dream like no other
    Traveling through the outreached emotions
    Through the darkened worries and comotions
    Through the love, through the harmony
    Your soul begins to flee
    Leaving your body and hearts
    To liquifying painted arts
    Painted with the color you give out
    Trying to find what it's all about...
  2. Lozi

    Lozi Senior Member

    i like the coupled lines that seem to be couples in themselves. lovely iscream
  3. iscreamchocolate

    iscreamchocolate Senior Member

    thank you lozi! nice photo by the way.

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