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    Hey guys I am trying to arrange "Jump On It" for my pep-band to play next year at the football games (high school) and I am having mild difficulties finding some of the notes... If you listen to this link I can give you the minute:second timing that I am having trouble with. By the way I don't need any help with rhythm so if you do know the parts I need all you need to do is put the notes such as :E A E A F# E D E 2 measure rest E A E A F# E D E

    (sorry that the video is so goofy :) )

    1. At 0:25 I cannot hear the background notes (those that the trumpets are playing) I have the main line but can't hear the background notes.

    2. At 0:29 I cannot hear what notes are being sung... I know that the band just holds a concert E but I can't tell what notes are being sung

    THANKS YOU SO MUCH for any help you give, I appreciate it GREATLY.

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