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    man, it wont get going until maybe summer of 2010 but after my buddy graduates were going to travel cross country with just some lightweight backpacks. its definetly going to be us two and we have maybes from about 5 other kids but if you'd like to come just contact me at or my buddy calvin at but dont write us unless your serious about going or have some ideas about what to bring. we really can use all the help we can get to make this a possibility. were going to live simple eating mostly edible plants but were not going to completely drop out of society. well visit a city every once in a while and if you do come your free to leave whenever u want to. just please be a peaceful person cuz were doing this to get away from the assholes of our society. and no guns please, that would take the fun out of it. im a vegetarian so i wont hunt but calvin needs to eat meat for medical reasons. if ur a vegetarian that would make things a lot easier, but if ur not dont sweat it, we dont discriminate. you could be 100 years old and i wont mind but please know something about nature first that can help us, youve got 2 years so start learning! and the more ppl weve got going the more stuff well be able to bring. doesnt matter what city u live in cuz were gonna meet at a city on a certain date but we dont know what city yet so if u want to come ill keep u informed. and were going to get some solar power generators to help us and if you can bring one too. but try to stay away from bringing unessecary luxaries cuz theyll only slow you down. ask for the packin list and well email you one and you can suggest tips if you want. i think youll probably have to cook for yourself or at least gather your own food cuz you cant expect ppl to take care of you. and please be in good physical and mental health, we dont need any deaths along the way or downers on anti-depressant meds. and please dont be an alcoholic or addicted to anything hardcore. you dont need a tent unless you prefer to bring one but its your responsibility. but if you did bring a tent itd b a good place to bring a sex partner. but dont get her pregnant, we dont need that. maybe if we find a real nice spot though well settle down and then you can have a child. if you do get pregnant you can stay but youve gotta get to a hospital when your near birth cuz im not a midwife, unless we bring one along with us but if the food runs low you can survive but the baby might not. dont mean to be so morbid but these are possibilities. a nice sleeping bag would be wise but were going to travel so that were south in the winter and north in the summer. but it can get really cold at night in the summer and in the desert too. and try to save some large amounts of money in your bank just in case we get fucked half way through or something goes wrong. itll be your personal money in your bank account so dont think this costs anything. $20,000 should be good for a while. if you dont bring money dont expect ppl to mooch off of cuz they got to worry about themselves too. but we really shouldnt need money. if u dont bring it thats fine tho. and bring a good cookbook if you can with just stuff that grows in the wild. knowledge of edible plants will also be appreciated but dont eat anything unless your sure of what it is b/c were not taking care of your dead body for you. and bring a pet if you can take care of it at all times otherwise dont. and dont bring any young children but if theyre older and u dont mind them dropping out of school then thats fine. and if your still in school please dont drop out to join us. finish your schooling and well meet u somewhere b/c like i said well be visiting cities every once in a while. well have an internet connectin when we get to a city but not with us. if anyone has a cell phone that uses satellites please come b/c we cant afford one. if u do decide to come then thats great, im sure youll have a great time. if u have any questions either contact me or calvin. and calvin is and again, please dont write unless ur serious. just so u know im 17 and in 11th grade and calvin is 16 and in 10th grade so we could use some cool adults with experience to help guide us. dont send me any crap on email cuz ill just report you as spam and ill never read anything from you ever again whether you want to come or not.
    btw, i was looking for a reason to be doing this, sort of a motto i guess and i think i found it:
    By nakedundermyclothes

    I am not white. I am swirls of green,blue,purple,orange, and colors no one knows. I am not American. I am part of a much larger culture...the human race. I am not asking you to follow my lead or do what I do. I am asking you to walk with me and be my friend. I am not asking you to love me. I am asking you to respect me even though we are different. I am not rich with money, cars, or jewerly. I am rich with love, hope, and faith. I am not part of the crowd yet, I am not alone. I am just me. I am not looking at you because you are different. I am looking at you because I am curious and I want to learn. I am not going to be mad at the people trying to bring us down. I am going to thank them for making me stronger and wiser. I am not going to fight you for our differences. I am going to embrace you for them. I am not going to say I'm sorry because someone thinks your different. I am going to stand by you and let us be different together. I am not white. I am swirls of green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, and colors no one knows.

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