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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by yellowfish, Jan 25, 2005.

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    Listen up! Everyone that has been hoarding seeds for that special moment when they find the perfect spot to plant, forget about it! You've been hanging on to them for how long? Join the Cause. Project J.A.W. is an attempt to force legaliization in the U.S. (would be happy to see it internationally) Plant your seeds on public property and walk away. Don't screw thy neighbor by planting on private property! Don't go back to it and get caught! If you come across a mature plant, take it! Finders/Keepers rules apply.
    The goal is to have plants growing everywhere so the government has to realize enforcement is unjustly punitive and futile. Suggestions are welcome. Spread the word.
    Join the Cause, plant a seed, spread the Word.
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    Right on. Even if you live in an urban environment, there's always someplace they might grow. I wish so many weren't so g'damn concerned about how much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ they might make off of it. Happily planting (unidentifiable) strange looking seeds since 1979. Hey man I don't know what the hell those things were, but they looked like seeds. Seeds go in the ground right? Well , that's what 1st grade biology taught me anyway. Some damn funny lookin tomatoe plants but jeez what an aftertaste :)
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    Waste of time man. There is hemp growing wild all over the fucking place in the Midwest, remnants from a world war two hemp drive for rope making. 98% of the "marijuana" destroyed each year is this wild, non-psychoactive ditchweed, and it costs a fortune to destroy it. It's insanity, but if they're willing to go after all that ditchweed, I don't think your idea will work. Save it and grow yourself some bud.

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