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Discussion in 'COOL Books' started by rjhangover, Aug 21, 2015.

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    I've read most everything Varley has written. I started with his TITAN, WIZARD, DEMON trilogy. That really got me hooked.

    I loved his newest trilogy, or so I thought it was. Red Thunder, Red Lightening, Rolling Thunder. But just now I found out, his fourth in the series is out. I'm gonna buy it today.

    I hope I'm not disappointed, like a was with SLOW APOCALYPSE. That's the only thing I've read of his that I didn't like....It's too real, too depressing. I couldn't even finish it.

    Picnic on Nearside is short stories like Blue Champagne.

    They made a movie out of Millennium with Cheryl Ladd and Chris Christofferson. That was fantastic.

    Mammoth, The Golden Globe, Steel Beach, and The Ophiuchi Hotline were some others.
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    Got DARK LIGHTENING the other day from is back to his fantastic self. i think it's awesome how he can write from a woman's perspective. Like the whole TITAN trilogy....he was writing as the female commander of a spaceship that explored uncharted space....then she became the WIZARD...and then the DEMON.

    In one of the short stories from THE NEARSIDE, he wrote as a woman that beheaded a man, because she thought that men wouldn't die because their brains were in their dicks.
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