john skipp's, 'jake's wake.'

Discussion in 'New Books' started by blackcat666, Feb 9, 2009.

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    that is right boys and girls, the father of splatterpunk is back, and he has lost none of his venomous sting with the english language either!

    jake's wake is a horror novel in which skipp and co-author cody goodfellow stick their knifes into the stomachs of all televangelist con people and deguts them right to the core!

    when pastor jake climbs out of his coffin it is not heaven on earth that judgment day brings boys and
    girls, it is life everlasting, but not the kind you would expect!

    well pastor jake is back in the rotting and stinking flesh, filled with rage and vengeance.
    is this the way of heaven or,the way of hell, or... could it be something far, far, worst?
    i'm not telling! you will have to read it yourselfs to find out.
    i will tell you this though, if you do read jake's wake, you will get one night of unending horror with blood, guts, and gore without end, amen!

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