John Lennon and Aleister Crowley?

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  1. We all know who John Lennon is, he promoted peace and love. but theres this one song where it goes "if its destruction then count me out" but supposedly right after out, hes says "In" can someone fill me in if this is true? If so could that mean that he was lying about peace and love? also the Sgt. Peppers cover album features Aleister Crowley. Ive looked into Aleister Crowley and he was a big time occultist. Known as"the wickedest man in the world"I dont know but this has got me thinkin hard. Ive smoked way too much weed so yeah....
  2. Yeah, he really does say "in" in that song... it's called "Revolution 1," and it's on the White Album. I read in the Anthology that he said "out" and then "in," because at the time, he wasn't really sure what he believed. Although, I heard a live version of the song, and they took out the "in."

    But the people on the Sgt. Pepper cover... I wouldn't take that too seriously. I think they're just supposed to be "important" or "influential" people, and not necessarily people that the Beatles supported.
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    I've also heard about Jimmy Page being involved in the occult and rumors about him being a satanist (I am sure you've heard of this before, as well). A friend of mine actually accused me of being into black magic just because I am a fan. I think people look for whatever they can find about a celebrity and exaggerate and spin everything around. While some of it may be true, like Jimmy Page being interested in Aleister Crowley, I think a lot of what is said is just exaggerated information. As for John Lennon, that story sounds about on the same length as the "satanic messages" in "Stairway to Heaven" and the "paul is dead" theory.
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    Who cares if he was interested in satanism anyway. Besides that it doesn't really have to say anything about him it's also his personal business. It's about the music, if you look hard enough i'm sure you find more unexpected, unpleasant or dubious facts about your idols. And doesn't everyone at times feel like destructing everything that bothers them? I think I'd have made two different takes of that line as well. Keeps things interesting. :tongue:
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    The Beatles also wanted to put Hitler on the cover, but the people who made the album or something wouldn't let them, so no don't take that cover seriously it's just made to be trippy.
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    John Lennon and Aleister Crowley really aren't that different, they're just post-larval/post-terrestrial mutants fucking peoples minds and dancing with the truths they have discovered.
  7. i think you guys are over thinking it a lot just like people over thought as well as overreacted to the whole "we are bigger than jesus now" statement i dont believe that john lennon was i think he was just amazing guy who people used as a scapegoat
    my country went to war and all i got was expensive gasoline!
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    Here is Aleister Crowley Book Of The Law,I Am not a fan of Crowley,but I find this book Really quite interesting."]ALEISTER CROWLEY'S THE BOOK OF THE LAW SAMPLE - YouTube

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    If you wish to know more about Crowley and the rumors I might be able to help since I am a Thelemite and have been a member of O.T.O.

    There is one Law. To do what thou wilt! This doesn't mean that you can do what you want, but that you must follow your true will. It is also said that "all men and women are stars" which means that all people are divine.

    Magick is simply explained as the tool of True Will, and a result of self control and focus.

    Tarot is used for self-initation.

    Some study Kabbalah some worship Krishna, some prefer love, some prefer anger, some pray to Jesus and some to Pan. Thelema is the philosophy of thinking, feeling and doing what you think is right, believe in what you want to believe and accept that everybody has their own True Will and their own path in life.
  10. Ya Paul McCartney said the people on the cover were just very important people
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    How come WE didn't come on the cover if they were important people?
    Just kidding.
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    Yeah, after all, WE were the ones who bought all their records, and thanks to that the economy of the UK went up.

    Kidding about the cover, I think it's quite neat!
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    By the way the day before yesterday was the anniversary of Lennons death.

    But on the subject of horseshit surrounding the Beatles:

    If I remember correctly there is a bit about Crowley in there.

    Rev J
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    Nothing wrong with reading everything there is to read, and making up your mind about. And not having to ask a priest about it, who are in all kinds of paedophilia, and alliances with the Catholic Maffia.
    Don't need their permission.
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    I wouldn't take it seriously Lola but there is so much misconception on Aleister Crowley (I think of him as a very interesting person.)
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    John Lennon and Aleister Crowley had a secret meeting where Aleister put a pyramid on John's head and he realized that he is an angel and all of his songs are infused with the light of Heaven and contain a secret code which if read backwards will tell you the secrets to the cosmos.
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    Damn, neon, we have to kill you now.
    Don't tell the secrets. :)
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    No need to hurry! As long as the code itself remains secret Neon may live :cheers2:
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    'Aliester Crowley
    they treated him most foully
    if only he'd been Crowley
    they would have called him holy'
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    Mr. Crowley, won't you ride my white horse?
    Mr. Crowley, it's symbolic of course
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