Jimmy Page working at a vet clinic?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by environmental_junkie, Jan 7, 2005.

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    Alright so this dream is a little bit weird.

    So first off I didn't go to school today because I wasn't feeling to well so I went back to sleep and this is when I had this dream.

    I was dreaming that I was skipping school and sleeping in my bed and it seemed like I was slipping in and out of consiousnes(sp?) and I couldn't move, it felt like my whole body was numb and tingling. And while all this was going on it felt so real I still remember how it felt and it was not a great feeling.... alright so then my mother came home and was first flipping out in the kitchen because I was home and I obviously skipped, while I was in my room trying to call her but I couldn't talk I was screaming so loud but no words came out. Then when my mother finally came in my room she was very sympathetic, it was like I was dying.
    Then all the sudden I was at some vet clinic with my friends and we were waiting to see Jimmy page. Alright so while we were waiting for Mr.Page we were sitting on a couch and once again I was getting the numb feeling and I could not move and my friends were just brushing it off.. but that passed quickely and then we were outside on a huge porch with about another 100 people looking over a 4 foot solid wall... then I was watching Mr.Page helping with a sick dog and I was just having a normal conversation with him and then I asked when he was going to play...Then I remember Mr.Page giving me his guitar to play. (I can't even play very well).. But then I was there strumming away.

    That was when I actually woke up thinking my mother just got home.

    I know this dream doesn't make any sense and probably doesn't have a meaning but I thought I would share it with you!

    But it's kind of awesome because now I have the feeling that I met Jimmy Page and even just having that feeling that I actually did is enough for me! :rolleyes:
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    Hi environmental_junkie

    what do you think ... wouldn't life be much weirder if there weren't such dreams.

    You have dealt with your needs to be aware, heal, clean up and change inside, with the help of your friends.

    And now just be here and go on strumming away ... become your own blessing and own wonder of who you are even more.

    Thank you for sharing the dream.

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