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  1. I really like the film JFK, its another eye opener I think!

    But for me, I already have a interest in the conspiracy of JFK's assasination.

    Im interested in what people think, is there any one out there who actually thinks JFK was assasinated by Lee Harvey Oswald?
  2. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    of course he killed him , jfk the movie is horse manure ... apart from the names and and the situation.. its all a fabrication dreamed up by MR Stone.. don't take any of its conclusions as fact .. because their are few within it.. but its done a good job of stoking the fire..i would almost call the film iresponsible, but i like it hehehehehe it very well made.. and before i thought about it i believed it all as well. (not saying you have not thought about it).

    this has a tiny fragment of a very powerful and welll simplistic take on the event..


    its a shame that for the vastness of the BBC output .. this link has not a lot of info that was within the documentary , so you can go and look up stuff .. shame that ... probably a conspiracy ?;) .
  3. I thank you for your response, but I have actually studied lots of books about JFK's assasination and taken a lot of time over them and I have to say I feel it very unlikely that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy.

    There are lots of other facts that arent in the film to take into consideration.

    The piece of footage from the movie JFK of the moment he was assasinated has now been totaly cleaned up, you can see every bullet that hits him, There were more that one gun man.

    OK, mabey Oswald was one of the gun men (although highly unlikely), but who were the otheres?

    If you like I can suggest some good books for you to read on the matter.

    (we are all entitled to an opinion, this is mine)

    Once again, thanks you for your response.[​IMG]
  4. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    Did you ever watch the documentary within that link i posted ? i realise it should be classed as another conspiracy..but quite frankly i am sick of conspiracys .. so i am going to take this one as a fact :p . Lots of people have got very rich writing countless books on this subject .. so i apologise i don't want to read another book...

    This is the conspiracy i like..

    LHO disinfranchised by being a loner and unpopular as a child seeks attention anyway he can..

    Ends up in the military .. becomes a good shot

    Thinks that holding a somewhat radical political opinion will get him more attention ..

    'defects' but the cubans and the soviets don't want him .. goes home to america

    decieds that the ultimate target would be a president.. this will get him all the attention he needs ..,.

    bang bang bang .. president is dead..

    Because of the seating elevation of each chair in the presidents car.. (they are at diffrent heights) .. this if not taken into account creates a 'magic bullet' .. take this into account and the 'magic bullet' aint so magic anymore ..

    The policemans radio thats supposedly recorded the shots .. is in the completly wrong area at the time and would not have captured the shots in the way that is proposed ...

    everything else is pure conspiracy on the part of trueman the cubans and maybe the mafia..all blaming each other.. mix that with dedicated americans wishing to un cover a complex reason for their loved president and you get book shelves of 'ideas' on the killing..

    (we are all entitled to an opinion, this is mine) ;)

    but mm ok i am always willing to learn something new , so maybe a few sugestions on subject would be nice

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