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    Just saw it last night, and I was wondering how much of it is actually factual? Was there a Clay Shaw and David Ferrie? Was Robert Kennedy killed immediately after his victory and did it occur because he won and wanted to do the same stuff JFK did? What details were fabricated to make it Hollywood friendly? Are the things they say about JFK's policies true?

    It was also interesting to see the many parallels between then and today, as far as the CIA allegations go, and the 'old govenment not working, so form a new one' idea.
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    get the book if you want to know about the added fiction, but I can't think of any
  3. hotwater

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    The facts and circmstances surrounding the assassination of JFK are murky and that's all the conspiracy theorists need to profer their own theory.

    Then again back in 1979 the House Select Committee on Assassinations did conclude that 4 shots were fired not three. That info was based on a recording of the events by a passing motorcycle police officer who left his microphone on......:eek:

    If there were 4 shots than there was a conspiracy.....

  4. andcrs2

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    There's something for all Warren Commission believers.
  5. hotwater

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    Actually The Warren Commission concluded that Oswald was the lone gunmen and accepted The Magic Bullet Scenario.

    Some say it was the Cubans that killed JFK, and others believe it was Giancana and Mob who virtually handed over the states of WV, Fla, and Texas to Kennedy during the election, and others believe it was the Government under the direction of the FBI director.


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    As far as the movie is concerned, it was one of the more tolerable works Ive grown to like by Mr. Stone. The two books that inspired the movie specifically are " On the trail of Assasins" by Jim Garrison, no surprise there, and "Crossfire: The Plot that killed Kennedy" by Jim Marrs.
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    I was wanting to quote the following but there's something missing in my Firefox cfg.

    The Warren Commission ranks right up there w/the Tooth Fairy...

    "You will obey me while I lead you
    With the garbage that I feed you,
    Till the day that we don't need you.
    Don't go for help, no-one will heed you!

    Your mind is totally controlled,
    It has been stuffed into my mould.
    And you will do as you are told
    Until the rights to you are sold."

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    My favorite Oliver Stone film. Basically he shows all the different conspiracys in the film, and what may have happened. I think he only asks you to consider them and to show you there definatly was a conspiracy. I think a good amount of the film is true but when I say true I mean to the two books he had based the film on. So throughout the film he goes back and forth showing differnt possibilites, most of the time being when Garrison and his people are talking. When they are saying information or possibilities, he shows them almost as being what they may be thinking in their head at the time. But he is not trying to tell you that this actually happened. Only, that it may have. unless of course it is all based on fact. But yes there was a clay shaw, and I think a david ferrie too. As it says in the end that years later they did finally find out that Clay Bertrand was Clay Shaw. I imagine the closing paragraphs are true. Also If you have the dvd he does explain alot on the commentary track. I know he talked with some of the people surrounding the conspiracy that were still alive as well.
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    It made a mockery of the film ... it seemed the only truth within the film , was of course the names and the death.. but not a lot else.. The real conspiracy in my view is that the link above does not have all the details of the programe.

    It was basicaly saying that the position of the seats in the car avoids any 'magic bullet'.

    LHOswald was a troubled lonely desperate man..(but a good shot)..

    The russians/cubans did not want him , even though he thought he was helping them both ?.. no one wanted him .

    He shot JFK to get noticed , and it worked.


    This looks good..

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