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  1. tiki_god7

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    So I was reading the Gita today about how Krishna is the supreme personality godhead right..... how is this comparible to Ram? and Jesus? is Jesus not the incarnation of God? so pretty much he is Ram in a western aspect? I guess I don't understand how one can be more supreme then another if they are all incarnations of God.

    I remember reading something about when there is a lack of god worship or spirituality krishna perhaps Jesus is Krishna appearing as he did at the time he did because the consciousness of the romans and jews were at the point where being in the form of Jesus was most right?
  2. Bhaskar

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    Absolutely right. They are all great avatars. Rama and Krishna are sampoornavatars, which is a manifestation of the Lord in his complete glory. In other avatars that glory is sheilded a little, such avatars are the great rishis, the saints and sages (Jesus being one among them) and much further down that ladder come people like you and me.
  3. Bhaskar

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    The verse you are referring to is
    yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharata
    abhyuttanam adharmasya sambhavami yuge yuge.

    This is found in bhagavad geeta. It means whenever there is a decline of Dharma, the lord takes a special avatar to destro adharma and protect those who protect dharma.
  4. tiki_god7

    tiki_god7 Member

    so who is jehovah then? I see his name pop up a lot....
  5. BlackBillBlake

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    May I ask which translation of the Gita you are reading? The reason is that there are different levels of understanding of the Gita, and commentaries vary accordingly.

    There are both similarities and differences between Jesus and Krishna.
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    mine is by prabhaputa. My copy has a short translation and then a long explenation. What is the Gita like in Hindu then? am I just reading a fraction of the original passages or is it really short cuz my copy is over 500 pages but most of it is explanation of what krishna or arjuna or whatever is saying or doing.

    and also how can there be a difference between Krishna and Jesus if they are both Incarnations of God. I did read somewhere that Krishna is just an aspect or personality of God, like the hip swinger lover, brother, son, husband. If thats so would Rama and Jesus be the same then?
  7. BlackBillBlake

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    Pabhupada's Gita commentary is based entirely on the teachings of one sect - Gaudiya Vaishnavism. In many ways their views are not typical of Hindu philosophy.
    They believe that the ultimate and supreme God is Sri Krishna, a personal God. They further teach that when He appears in this world in His incarnation, it is His original, spiritual form that appears. This is not at all the same as Christian teaching on Christ's incarnation - they believe Jesus was both human and divine - Prabhupada says Krishna was wholly divine, and His human appearance is just an illusion.
    So - orthodox Gaudiya Vaishnavism as taught by Prabhupada would not say Krishna is an aspect of God, or an appearance of God, but God Himself in His supreme reality.

    Those who accept God as ultimately impersonal or without form would take a different view. The Avatar is then a form assumed by the Divine for a specific cosmic purpose. There have been, and continue to be many such Avatars. All can be said to represent an aspect of God, and at the same time to represent the whole of God. But although the Avatar is God in a sense, it has to be understood within the context of a teaching that God has many different aspects.

    In the Gita Krishna says He comes in every age - whenever there is a need, so Jesus, Rama, Krishna, Buddha and others can all be accepted as Avatars with slightly different missions according to the needs of time and place.
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    The difference between jesus and krishna and rama is only in the body and the actions. Each followed dharma perfectly in the context of their situation. Each was fuully established in identity with brahman.
  9. tiki_god7

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    excellent, thank you both...that is exactly the answer I was looking for
  10. ChiefCowpie

    ChiefCowpie hugs and bugs

    Some things too are statements of one's faith. Go with what works for you. Some guidelines might be following a path of universal love and abundance. Conflicts between impersonal and personal dogma mean very little to me. Its all dogma.

    Show me the love.
  11. BlackBillBlake

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    Fully agree chief.
  12. Jedi

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    :D absolutely , I think this is where bahai faith also relates to hinduism. Bahai faith also teaches that we reincarnate to learn more and more about God and ourselves and the supreme deity sends his avatars to us to teach us little more about Him and ourselves.
  13. Kopo

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    Bhaskar, You my friend are awesome.
  14. Bhaskar

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  15. tiki_god7

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    just renewing this for another thread
  16. Bhaskar

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    Someone gave me a very beautiful example of the difference in the glory of avatars from sampoorna avatars as Rama and Krishna to lesser ones such as various sages and down to people, animals and inanimate creatures....

    She said, "The amount of divine power manifest in each avatar varies, just as their purpose varies. We don't use a battering ram to knock a nail into the wall, we don't use a hammer to nachos."
  17. Zion

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    JEHOVAH is another name of GOD
    Thus JEHOVAHS witnesses
    YA-ME= JEHOVAH in afrcan
    YA-WAY= JEHOVAH in hebrew
  18. Zion

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    BUDDAH JESSUS and KRISHNA are representations of living perfectly in the universe
    True Sons if GOD
  19. SpliffVortex

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    i love asian stuff

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