Japanese Kokeshi Dolls

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    [size=+2]Kokeshi dolls are simple stylized dolls that are made for tourists on vacation in Japan. In Japan, these hand-painted, lathe-turned wooden dolls often had a cylindrical base (the body) and a round head. Many people collect these small dolls. In this children's craft, the base (body) is a small, plastic bottle and the head is a ping-pong ball. [/size]

    [​IMG]Supplies needed:
    • A ping-pong ball (or a styrofoam ball)
    • A small, clean, label-less empty plastic bottle, like a yogurt drink bottle, a vitamin bottle (or use another small, white, plastic bottle)
    • Hot glue gun and hot glue
    • Tempera paint or acrylic paint
    • Small brushes
    • Markers
    [​IMG]Hot glue the ping-pong ball to the top of the small, plastic bottle. Let the glue cool and set for a few minutes.[​IMG]Give the body (the small, plastic bottle) a coat of paint (you can pick a simple white or beige, or choose a less traditional bright color). Let the paint dry. [​IMG]Using small brushes or markers, draw the doll's facial features and hair (on the ping-pong ball). Let the paint dry.[​IMG][size=+2]Then decorate the body to represent a beautiful kimono (a traditional Japanese gown). Let the paint dry. You now have a beautiful Kokeshi doll.[/size]

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