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  1. guss after my 'hip' phase in high school i went a little more old school. lol Anyways im a big James Dean fan i want to ask everyone under 40 what is so significant about his acting? There is more then one correct answer but i am looking for a specific one to see if I am the only 24 year old on here who likes him. :)
  2. His acting was real and in the moment. Also his films are all classics! Here's one of his early teleplays.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDccI7HMOpg"]Campbell Soundstage - Something For An Empty Briefcase (James Dean, Susan Douglas Rubes) - YouTube
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    I am 70 years old but will venture an opinion. James Dean not only knew how to act with his face and voice, he used his body language to convey visually emotions, attitudes, character. Watch EAST OF EDEN and pay close attention to his body language and what it nonverbally tells you about his character. Then watch GIANT and do the same thing. The body language he uses in EDEN is totally different from what he uses in GIANT because he's playing 2 totally different characters but he knew how to use body language to convey nonverbally everything the audience needed to understand about two totally different characters. This is the basis of method acting. Dean was, even more than Brando, a method actor in the true sense of that phrase. In the original method acting classes of the late 1940s when Kazan was teaching the classes, he would send the students (including Marlon Brando and Karl Malden) out in small groups on the streets of New York to observe all the various people on the streets, then come back to class and imitate using body language only the various people they had observed ("studied") while out on the street.

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