ive figured out my love life...

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Crimson, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Crimson

    Crimson Member

    i finnaly figured out my love life.. im in the middle of a lake in a row boat with one paddle doing circles.. im getting noware.. i just want someone to get close to that i can share shit with that i can hold.. im tired of being alone
  2. andyundo

    andyundo Member

    That happened to me for a whole year before the most beautiful, fantastic and unique person came into my life.
    Not anymore.
    beware what you wish for....:(
  3. yovo

    yovo Member

    hey man, the only words I can offer are right when thigs seem the worst they have a funny way of getting better when you least expect it

    I was goin through a period where I started to get real cynical about the whole "dating thing", it had been months since I met a single girl who really caught my interest. It had been many months since my last relationship (which had ended in a real anti-climactice fizzle) so I was at this point just completely sick with it all and realised I was forever going to be cursed with no love...

    ...then about a month later a met a girl at my buddies place, and we've been together for about 5 months now, she's great, we're happy, and had you said this is where I'm going to be in life 5 and a half months ago I would have said you're on crack
  4. Jimmie

    Jimmie Member

    i know the feeling being in the same boat ,its not easy ,alot of shit hapend to me, i alys say some thing HAPPNED, MY LIFE IS GOOD TODAY, i dont know the all things .i do know you are not .on your own crimson .:) peace .

  5. touchme

    touchme Member

    The way I see it, if you're doing everything (or almost everything) you should in life, then you're probably sitting on a gold karmic nest egg and sooner or later, you'll get your return. =]

    Not the easiest thing to do compared to how easy it is to say...but yeah.

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