It's so unfair!

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by hadji123, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. hadji123

    hadji123 Member

    why the hell can girls have just about as many orgasms as they want and guys can basically have one and thier done. its so unfair for us males.
  2. Yeah well, women have periods and you men don't.. We'll call it even.
  3. cozmo_g

    cozmo_g Is Out Of This World

    And thus ended the shortest thread ever!
  4. Biggen

    Biggen Banned

    Jesus, son. How many do you really need?
  5. LickHERish

    LickHERish Senior Member

    Given the fairly common post-coital stress of "omg, am I pregnant" which females the world over go through (not to mention the physical nightmare of pregnancy itself), why else would women even be remotely attracted to sex if not for the payoff of repeated (or better yet multiple) orgasms?

    That notwithstanding the monthly visit from Aunt Flo of course. ;)
  6. deadonceagain

    deadonceagain mankind is a plague

    all it means is you will to have sex more times in one day, hell im not complaing
  7. Charise

    Charise Naked to the Cosmos

    Well, pregnancy isn't really a nightmare. It can be pretty rough, but remember, after all that, you have the joy of seeing your child born and (hopefully) seeing him or her grow up, if another family doesn't break up (like mine) American style. Life is a mixture of joy and sorrow. I think all women deep down (even if not on the surface) really want to be mothers, sooner or later. It's the way we're made. Sex is beautiful, but so is being a mother (father). On top of that, I used to know a guy that could have more orgasms than me in one session, so, you know, everybody's different.
  8. MikeE

    MikeE Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    And on the eight day, God puttered about putting the finishing details on Creation. (Like the spots on the peacock's tail)

    And God said to Adam, "Adam, there are two human attributites I have left to distribute. You may have one of them and Eve will have the other."

    And Adam said, "Yes God, I understand. What are the two attributes?"

    "Well, the first is the ability to pee standing up.", God said

    "Oh, Oh, OH", Adam interupted, "Oh please God, I'd like to pee standing up. Please, let me be the one to pee standing up"

    And God smiled and said, "Very well Adam, you shall pee standing up. And you Eve, you get multiple orgasms."
  9. :D
  10. madlizard

    madlizard Senior Member

    That's good stuff. Not all girls can have multiple orgasms, anyways.
  11. whereami

    whereami Member

    lmao. OWNED.
  12. hadji123

    hadji123 Member

    girls can pee standing up, its just not quite as easy and dry as a guys
  13. Nalencer

    Nalencer Dig Yourself

    Leave it to this guy to know how someone of the opposite sex can manage to urinate...
  14. I think it would be cool to be a woman for a bit, but I don't mind what happens to me. Plus, I can cum more then once, as well. PLUS I get to see cum shoot out of my cock, which is a fucking nice visual :p
  15. darkangel

    darkangel Member

    and what about the more or less guarentee of actually having an orgasm!!!! us girls well less said about that the better, at least you blokes in normal circumstances will get the pleasure of that!!!!
  16. Mystic_perv

    Mystic_perv Member

    Women have multiple orgasms so when we have a threesome she can keep going and satify both of us. Just my opinion.
  17. Lainey

    Lainey Member

    lol. sperm shoots out of your rod like a confetti popper. guys are weird.

    dam im glad im female.
  18. Fastswitch

    Fastswitch Visitor

    I don't get the original question. Orgasms don't require that much work, and a patient woman will assist with as many as you are gentlemanly enough to require. And - you can go into the bath to wash up, and have some more alone. Geeez! And we don't get pregnant, bleed, dry up, have headaches, be 'not in the mood,' or resist to control. Just lock yourself away and have as many orgasms as you want. Or - even better - get a sex change operation and develope penis envy!
  19. acoustic

    acoustic Member

    thats not true- i can go for hours.

    if i come

    then shes still holding my dick with her hands, ill stay hard until she lets go. and if i go down on her, bingo comes back up for another round. even if we are just intensely kissing i can keep me up. or the sounds she makes when i finger her have made me gone before- but i had to get used to that stuff because she is kinda selfish in bed so my body is used to the slightest things.

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