it's been quite a long time.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by blackcat666, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. blackcat666

    blackcat666 Senior Member

    The blackcat of the 666 is back!

    I'm sorry I have not posted in about a year and a half but, I have been checking into to this place from time to time.

    I have been quite ill and in extreme pain over the last year and a half. It has not been the type of disease and pain that causes death. It is the disease and pain that brings about growth and healing.

    I withdrew from hip forums but, also, from everyone in everyday world outside of cyberspace.

    I'm back, BUT, it is going to be on a gradual pace.
    I may not post here on a regular bases for sometime... I'm NOT going to push the river and, wind up relapsing into total withdraw again!

    I just want you all to know I did not just drop out of here of rudeness.
    I have really been in a very, very bad place over the last year and half.

    I look forward to conversing with you all again and, getting to meet and know the new member to our forums.

    Until later... blackcat666 signing out.
  2. newbie-one

    newbie-one one with the newbiverse

    sorry that things have been so difficult for you. do you want to say more?

    welcome back!
  3. Welcome back blackcat666 !

    Glad to see you back... healing takes some time ;)
  4. jimmyjoe1

    jimmyjoe1 toker Lifetime Supporter

    Welcome back!:)
  5. blackcat666

    blackcat666 Senior Member

    Say more?
    You have no ideal what your asking for!
    This stuff is extremely complicated, complex, and technical!
    I'm going to simplify it, and hopefully not dumb it down.
    My shit deals with what is called, 'object relations.'
    Object relations is the discipline and therapy in psychology that deals with human relationships.

    Like I said, this stuff is quite technical!
    If you want too know more about object relations. A good place to start is, Jeffrey Seinfeld's book, "the bad object."

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