Its all fucked up, IDK wat to do! please help.

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by hebrewnational00, Apr 19, 2007.

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    hey, so i like this girl, she likes me too, we flirt n stuff, im freinds with her best friend, and her best freind told me to try to go out with her cuz shes single again, and i was like OKay! so ive been tryin to get with her, n hang out a lot, call her a lot and so on..last time we talked i felt that she felt somethin towards me but i didnt kno wat so i was just about to make a move n tell her i like her a lot more than a freind would like another freind, so b4 i proceeded to do that i asked her "so hows ur boy freind doin?!" expecting an answer like "we broke up" but she said, alright i talked to him earlier... i was LIKE WTF!!! its the same bf as b4.

    so i guess they never broke up or they broke up n got back together again. she keeps on sayin that her relationship is complicated with that dude, but she still likes him, she sees him once a week n all they do is have sex plus hes wayy older than her, i really doubt its an actual relationship, she even said it wasnt basicly. IT PISSED ME OFF!!! cuz i seriously like her. i made it clear that i like her a lot...and she like HINTS that she likes me too, but she fuckin has a bf or w/e...she couldnt do more for me to think that she likes me, she did it all!!! she even asked me to prom n stuff, knowing she single i said yes. but shes really not, and i dont wanna go AS FREINDS. she being my freind is important to me, but i think if we were ever to go out, it would work the best for both of us..i asked her why she asked me to prom, n she said cus were good freinds and i think it would b fun. THATS ALL!...good freinds..i was soo close to just makin a move and its all fucked up now!!!1
    what should i do?!!!! please help/
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    ummmmmmm well doesmnt sound like this boyfreinds really a sounds complicated, but ok, u are her good freind..u2 odviosly like eachother..
    try being the best freind u can be..really talk to her about this guy... find out whats really there..get into it deep..noy just hows your b4.. but.. really talk about whats really there..&..if its as little as u think..weekly sex & maybe some sorta control drama..then tell her how u feel & why u think youd be better together..
    ya dont gotta be all serius about it u could even be joking & just say ya kno/...we maybe just good freinds..but i gotta tell u i think u & i would have a far more meanningful & fullfilling relationship..&..above all just be homnnest

    but u gotta also make it clear that either way it wont affect the freindship

    lotsa luck

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