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    The veterans of the Vietnam War were hung out to dry. It's hard to really comprehend the scale of this injustice. To this day, half of the homeless population are Vietnam veterans.

    Unfortunately, it seems that we have yet to learn from our disgrace. People give lip service to supporting the troops. But in the end it's just so easy to throw them under the bus.

    The Obama administration is trying but failing to do better by this generation of veterans. They have asked Congress for, and received, a lot of funding to hire new VA bureaucrats and computerize their record keeping. But the effort isn't going very well. The medical services side of the VA is doing pretty well. But the wait time for the VA to process disability claims is outrageous. The VA itself appears to be more concerned with covering their own asses than helping the veterans. This is a good link that explains the situation pretty well.

    Whatever your opinion is of the various wars that our soldiers fight in, they're just kids. Their country has asked a great deal of them, and they think that they're doing the right thing. The way they're treated when they come home is disgraceful.
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    Fuck the VA!!!

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