Italian guys make me go weak at the knees!

Discussion in 'Italian' started by treehugger1, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. treehugger1

    treehugger1 Member

    Does anyone else have this problem and live nowhere near italy, therefore miles away from any relief...? i want a hot italian fuck buddy! xxx
  2. dreamingwight

    dreamingwight Member

    I'm from Italy, i'm a guy, i'm 16... but i can't help you... 'cause i'm not so hot... my sister said that i looks like riccardo scamarcio... but i'm not hot at all. bye.
  3. WoodRat

    WoodRat Banned

    Oh sweet fuck, I'm 25 % Italian But I can make that quarter become a four fold return, except dammit, that would be statutory rape. So no, I can't help either.

    Where are you from anyways, if you don't mind revealing that info?

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