It frustrates me that no guys might have sex with me?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Eh Nn, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. Eh Nn

    Eh Nn Member

    Please don't lie to me.
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  2. bill697cu

    bill697cu Member

    Seem strange that no guys might have sex with you. Most guys would enjoy having sex with a female. Everyone is different with different tastes so just give it time.
  3. Steveh

    Steveh Member

    I think you really need to take the initative here, take the first step with them. Bring them home with you, go in the bedroom and come out naked for them. Or give them a blow job in the car something to let them know you want some cock
  4. Asianmiguy

    Asianmiguy Member

    Why do you think that for
  5. Eh Nn

    Eh Nn Member

    Giving bj causes STD's. It probably cause throat cancer. It's a son and it's nasty.
  6. James T

    James T Member

    And we might have found a reason to the lack of sex. That mindset is not only misguided but not exactly an attention drawing quality.

    You say oral is a sin? So is premarital sex. And you can catch STDs from sex just as sure as oral.

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