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    My friend and I are very much left wing... we're also jewish and zionist. I know a lot of people think of zionism as a right wing ideal but there are a lot of left wing zionists out there... we wrote this tongue-in-cheek Israel Advocacy article in response to a workshop we went on which was supposed to teach young jews (who are going to university) the skills for educating about Israel.
    Tell me what you think.


    How to Advocate Israel (like a facist)

    Israel Advocacy is the idea that in a public forum (among goyim), we do not share our true political opinions. The place to criticize Israel is within closed doors of our Youth movements or Zionist seminars, however outside of these Jewish Forums we must appear to the world as supporters and defenders of Israel’s actions. The simple fact is, hypocrisy is good in Israel advocacy. No longer should you have beliefs that are different to the mainstream or are even your own, but rather like a good sheep (or should I say “lambs to the slaughter”) you should spout out propaganda you don’t agree with.

    There’s little point in having a private discussion with a Pro Palestinian because the idea of Israel Advocacy is to gain support and convince the “onlooker”, those that “sit on the fence” and haven’t yet made up they’re mind. Obviously, all Palestinians are Nazi sympathisers and if they ask you for a private discussion, you should slit their throats. They want to kill us all, so why not get them first? Make your victim complex work for you!

    All Anti-Israel accusations that you shall here on campus can be categorized under the following 3 phallacies:
    - Occupation (they want us to steal their land!)
    - Excessive Force (throwing a rock is equal to being run over by a tank, don’t let anyone tell you different!)
    - Racism (its not racist to uproot them from their homes and “transfer” them to a foreign country. Besides, they arent even human)

    The facts they use to back up these arguments are often incorrect or twisted. Hence, you should use incorrect or twisted arguments too! However as your probably unable to disprove them on the spot you have to concentrate on taking control of the debate into the direction you want it to go. This is the change from Defending Israel to Attacking the Palestinian leadership. Manipulate other peoples words, and lie about previous statements they have made. Nobody will have time to check you are telling the truth. Remember to throw in lots of Arafat = Hitler references, and just ignore when people bring up Sharon’s war crimes. I’m sure those dead Muslims deserved it. They probably would have tried to kill us eventually, after we housed them in a squalid refugee camp long enough. Those ungrateful bastards.

    The hardest of the Anti-Israel points to argue with is arguments of Excessive Force as they often use the example of personal stories. You can fight this by saying “they all want to kill us” or “The only language Palestinians understand is the language of violence”. This is when you can use the politician’s idea of Pivoting. This is taking the focus away from they’re points and moving them onto your own. This way you can avoid answering a question which makes Israel look justifiably bad. Therefore you’re not actually answering the questions and are instead talking about what you want to talk about. For example when some tells a personal story of a Palestinian child you respond “I can’t respond to that specific story, but the soldiers are only there because of the Nazi Palestinian leadership”. With that specific example it’s also possible to Pivot onto the point that “Israel is a Democracy similar to England, in that all claims of Israeli Soldiers abusing their power are investigated and acted upon and brought to justice”.
    Ignore the fact that Israeli soldiers get “warned” or a temporary demotion whereas a Palestinian commiting the same crime would spend life in prison. Again, also ignore the fact that Israel has a war criminal for a Prime Minister. You can, however, point out the fact that as punishment, he is no longer allowed to be defense minister.

    Although it is important to use facts to back up your arguments (these need not be true however), firstly you have to use the right arguments that the public best respond to. Because, if being a great orator worked for Hitler, it can work for us!
    These are:

    It’s important to remember to be careful on specific points so you’re not labeled as Racist (even though you actually are). For example:
    - Talk of Islamic Fundamentalists (not Muslims, even though we know it’s the same thing)
    - Palestinian Leadership (not Palestinians or Arabs, and don’t use the word nazi in public. Just because the truth, doesn’t mean others can handle it)

    If at any point you can disprove a speakers facts’, do that, as it may cause the listener to then constantly question the credibility of that speaker. Ignore people trying to discredit the facts you make up. They’re just jealous.
    Using Jenin as an example…
    “It was proved by a UN investigating force and also by Amnesty International that the massacre of civilians didn’t happen. Also Israel didn’t Carpet Bomb the area, they put they’re soldiers lives on the line in order to minimize civilian casualties”.

    Attend Anti-Israel events and speak to the media as they will always like to hear the controversy of the opposing argument. Also, if you manage to get a pro-Israel fabrication (lie is such a horrible word) on national news, some people are bound to believe it! Plus don’t just respond to other peoples events and organize your own Pro Israel events. Burning the Palestinian flag is a great crowd pleaser, as is “pin the suicide belt on Yasser Arafat”.
    Make sure your Pro Israel and not Anti Palestinian. Use positive messages (such as, “I’m positive Israel is always right!” and “Palestinians are positively trying to kill us all!”). This is often the fault of Anti Israel campaigners, they concentrate on negative messages. Constantly use the word Peace in your argument (Such as “Peace will only come when all the Arabs are dead” or “The Palestinians don’t want peace, they only want to kill us all”). It sends a positive message.

    Remember, the truth is your enemy. Fabrication is your friend.

    Good luck, you’ll need it. It’s hard defending an unjust regime blindly!

    While being zionist and believing in the right of the jewish people to have a homeland in israel, my friend and I also believe that the israeli government is fucking things up royally. This article is in response to those jews and/or zionists who follow the government blindly and never challenge themselves.

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    You gave me a good laugh reading that. I sure hope you don't have to hand that in, I think you'd be in trouble. ;)

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