is this possible??

Discussion in 'Health' started by groovyjoeman, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. groovyjoeman

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    hello all

    i am new to the hipforums and i have a question....
    now this is a little embarrassing so bare with me.

    OKAY my girlfriend gets common warts on her hands and fingers. she told me that once she had one on her middle finger of her right hand and that is the one she.. you know.. gets herself off with. we haven't had sex yet and she told me about it just to be honest with me be4 anything serious went down. so is it possible to pass warts to your genitals through common hand warts? or are HPV and skin warts unrelated? plz anyone with any advice let me know if this is possible! it sounds a little crazy to me.. but you never know. PLUS i think she is worried about it, so i would like to reassure her if there is nothing to be worried about. thanks

  2. Moonjava

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    I don't know....
  3. ImmortalDissident

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    HPV is actually a family of viruses. Genital warts and the "common" wart are both from the HPV family, but they are caused by two separate viruses. Typically one virus does one thing, so the common wart infects the feet, hands and face, while genital warts infect... well... the genital area.

    Really the thing to remember is... a virus, is a virus, is a virus. It's not something that comes and goes... it's something you always carry with you from the day you first get infected, like chicken pox or cold sores. I would say chances are pretty slim that she has genital warts, of course... it never hurts to be tested.

    Also, genital warts can cause an increased risk in cervical cancer, so watch out for that.
  4. Saje

    Saje Member

    Dr. Sue Johanssen got asked this question and she said that it was impossible for hand warts to be passed to the genitals. It is a different strain. She said that that strain is just for the hands and can't be passed on anywhere else.

    So it must be true. :)

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