Is this normal for a first time?

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Satan4Life, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. Satan4Life

    Satan4Life Guest

    The first time I took LSD I took a quarter of a tab, then another quarter an hour later and then about 4 hours later I took another half tab. I know that on one tab you're not supposed to trip to hard, but things we're getting pretty crazy. When I was inside and in the light everything was fine and under control but when I went outside and into the dark everything got pretty delirious. I swear, the trees around us were dancing, their branches were forming letters to spell out messages to me and very vivid images formed in the sky. By the time the night was over I smoked a pack of american spirit blacks (I'm not a heavy smoker) and I listened to this album 9 times:

    Its worth noting that my hook up said that the stuff I bought was double dipped, but it still seemed like I tripped way to hard after only taking a tab that was spread out over 5 hours.
  2. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    Ok, here we go.

    It wasn't LSD, it was NBOME, no matter what it was, spreading it out over many hours like that is a waste of drugs due to the phenomenon of "tolerance", there is no such thing as "double dipping", it is a pure bullshit marketing ploy, and your incessant smoking of cigarettes and obsessive listening to music is probably related in some way to the frame of mind which chose your username.

    :lurk5: any questions
  3. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    OP did you notice a numbing sensation? IMO From your post we can't be sure if it was LSD. LSD would have no sensation NBOME would although NBOME is very common now and partial hit of one LSD blotter will probably not cause the extreme trip you had unless it was dosed higher then average or you were VERY sensitive to LSD. But a small bit of NBOME could especially considering that it often not laid properly and is often very strong. Anyone can get NBOME but to be in a position to lay LSD you generally have to have good connections who would have taught you.

    Note that NBOME can cause an OD and LSD can not. So too much NBOME can be a very bad thing for you.

    And your dealer does not know his stuff or hopes you do not. Double dipping would make no difference in a blotter. On one dip as much of the liquid will be absorbed as the paper will hold. For example think of a paper towel, at a certain point it has absorbed as much of a spill as it will. All you can do to get the rest of that liquid is to get a fresh towel.
  4. Satan4Life

    Satan4Life Guest

    I chose my username to annoy christians, I'm an atheist. Would you please elaborate on this NBOME?
  5. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    It's a legal research chemical that is potent enough to fit on blotter, and lasts about as long as LSD does, so lots of people have been buying it on blotters and selling it as "acid", even though it's NOT LSD and "acid" is supposed to be slang for LSD and nothing else.

    It's much more toxic, blotters are usually made much, much stronger than LSD blotters, and the trip is different from an LSD trip, for some people its WAY more visual, for other people it's very strange, delusional, narrative driven . . .
  6. Voyage

    Voyage Noam Sayin

    actually worse, people buy Nbomes in the powder form and some blotter art from online and try to make their own. when you can get a G for $10-20 and make a sheet of 900 hits, there's massive temptation.
    which is also a theory as to the highly variable effects of nbome, unequally laid blotter. one tab might be 200ug while one one the other side of the sheet is 2mg.
    esta no bueno. :(
  7. eatlysergicacid

    eatlysergicacid Creep in a T-Shirt

    I don't see any reason that it couldn't have been LSD. It's not impossible to stumble on strong stuff for your first time. We have to at least hear something about taste or duration to make that judgement right? Sure bad trips are a lot more common with nBOME but LSD can cause crazy strong experiences too. I agree that there are some warning signs here but I don't think there's enough information yet to make any kind of accurate judgement.
  8. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    I was curious if you were actually a satanist.
  9. Voyage

    Voyage Noam Sayin

    i'm just wondering what kinda LSD this would be:

    disregarding the pointless redoses, what tabs would be that effective? sounds like more than a 70-90 ug experience so what, 280-350-ish ug?

    yes, please :sunny:
  10. eatlysergicacid

    eatlysergicacid Creep in a T-Shirt

    Honestly I don't see the indication that it was that strong. A first trip on 80ug could still easily cause some confusion and trees dancing/spelling out letters seems like a pretty characteristic effect of LSD.

    I wouldn't make any definitive statement without first finding out more information. I think it's perfectly possible to get a 200ug tab and dosing 50ug twice in an hour for your first time would result in a pretty full trip IMO. An hour could potentially be enough time for tolerance to set in, but it could just as easily take longer depending on person to person variability.
  11. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    I would completely agree with what you are saying if the NBOME "acid" phenomenon wasn't in full blown swing. The chances that this young man got LSD hits stronger than anything I've ever experienced in all my dosings seems much less than him getting some good ol' "double dipped" NBOME "acid", which would DEFINITELY be able to produce such powerful and confusing effects at such low doses as 1/4 of a tab.

    Either that or he's EXTREMELY sensitive to psychedelic effects and basically lost the plot on like 20-50ug, which is another possibility. I just think the odds of his dealer's "double dipped acid" being actually ridiculous potent LSD is the least probable of all three scenarios.

    I would be very comfortable betting a lot of money on it being NBOME.

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