is there anyone here that is an studio art major(and can lend some advice)?

Discussion in 'Art' started by something vague, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. hello anyone,

    i was curious if anyone who wants to be a "professional" artist as a career. if so, what type of lifestyle do you plan on living? i need reassurance, that things will be alright if i try to go into art. you know, trying to raise a family and all that...
  2. obnoxiously

    obnoxiously Member

    I'm planning on majoring in studio art (well, actually fine arts with a concentration in painting and drawing)
    I can't offer much insight into the financial actuality of the situation, because I'm 17 and haven't even left home yet, but I'm not expecting much in the way of money (in fact I'm always joking to my parents that my brother's gonna have to be the one to take care of them when they're old, because I'm gonna be an art major) and I've always expected the frugal bohemian type of life for myself anyway. I also don't want kids until I'm 50.
    You just have to look at the different factors in your life, because of course it's gonna be different for everybody.

    I also have to say that you're going to regret it if you leave your desired career because of financial concerns, but on the other hand you have to have enough money.
  3. journey man

    journey man Member

    There are millions trying to make it into art and many never do.Hence the old saying"starvin artist".Persistance,hard work and being absolutely original would help.Yes,I attended graphic arts.I decided I did not want to be a slave to a production house.I make art on the side of my two other jobs.Good luck.
  4. for financial reasons, as a halfway point, it is always possible to get a job that includes creating art, such as art therapist, flyer designer etc, and continue working on your paintings in the meantime

    im also wondering what im going to do in the future.. art therapy sounded really interesting to me, being able to help people, and it would definately help your own painting aswell
  5. adforester

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    I went to school for studio art, painting and drawing. I went 2 1/2 years and found a summer job that turned into a full time job. I would atleast take a Semester of studio art if thats what you think you want to do. I absolutely loved it, it is so much fun, and so MUCH WORK. But if thats what you do its what you do. If you get higher ed in art it will help you in every single career you decide to have, doesn't hurt, unless your a CEO. I would go into it with no provisions for the future, just to what you love, and maybe you'll learn to love money and studio art, a good combo. I would try and do some piece that reflect your thoughts but also that of a community or social group that way you have a cash flow.
  6. benkale

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    yeah, i'm finishing up a BFA degree at the moment with a drawing concentration. Personally, I love it, but it is my life, and if you want to succeed you have to make it that way. It is more work than I can possibly explain, you will lose sleep for weeks in a row working on projects, only to turn them in and be put down by your professors. However, if you believe in excellence and have a true passion and desire to learn, by all means go for it. It has given me so much confidence and now I can draw better than I ever dreamed possible. You just have to really really want it, your current talent level does not really matter that much. If you ever wanna talk about it or anything, get a hold of me :)
  7. Spiritchalist

    Spiritchalist Member

    Im no art pro, man, but just ask around for odd jobs as well. You'd be surprised at what you can find. People wanting a living room painted neatly, or maybe a city asking for a mural or a company with a blank billboard. Great way to switch up your style and learn.

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