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Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Lexiiii, May 6, 2013.

  1. Lexiiii

    Lexiiii Guest

    I know this might sound off topic or a silly question to ask coming from a straight girl or at least up until now I've always thought myself straight or was always attracted to guys. But recently I've moved to a new town where I'm more exposed to gay community than I was ever before so I'm not sure whether what I'm feeling is something that will pass by in a matter of time or will stay permanently.

    Anyways, there's this woman at work in her late 30s or early 40s I believe due to work we have to communicate but not on a regular basis. Few days earlier I stopped by at her office to have a talk about work of course but there was this strange vibration or vibe that I was getting from her kind of set me off to think that she might be gay or lesbian in this case. There're few more things to back this idea up her hair is short and she appears a little masculine but not your regular the butch or the stud type.

    Even though she's well above the age to get married and settle down she's still single and works on the weekends too which clearly indicates she has no attachments or whatsoever like a family, children or even a girlfriend.

    Anyways what lead me to think that she might be gay was her "look". I've heard few lesbians talking about the that "look" and once you master it how accurate it can be. But I'm no master nor lesbian but I felt that "look" and it was so much different from the usual look you get from a straight woman, I mean the way she looked at me was kinda intense but warm and was inviting at the same time, I often get that kind of interested in you looks from a man never from a woman so it was kinda weird. Thats why I started suspecting, but strange enough I kind of enjoyed the attention but for now that doesn't make me a lesbian. But I wanted to confirm the vibe that I was getting was accurate? There was something different in her look its just not your usual woman to woman look its more of like a woman saying " i find you attractive and i'm gay kind of look" to an another woman if you know what I'm saying.

    Thanks ! I need your two cents on this :))
  2. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    If you're straight, then why is it so important to know her sexual preference? It's really none of your business.
  3. Lexiiii

    Lexiiii Guest

    That was a little harsh don't you think, it's not like I carry hatred towards gay people or anything. I was just curious to find out whether or not she was les, I do enjoy observing little things and making an assumption here and there maybe a bad habit of mine but its always harmless :sunny:.
  4. Aerianne

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  5. Kahlan

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    My guess is the feeling will pass. You're probably just curious is all. Makes sense for a straight woman to become curious about the "what it would be like" when suddenly faced with lesbian or bi women in her life and circles. I actually lost my first gf this way, but that's another story...

    As for your main question: I suppose there is a look that a woman will give you that tells you she is attracted to you, but I do not have gaydar at all so I generally miss these signals anyway. For me to advice you would be like the blind leading the blind, lol. I can understand you liking the attention. I like it when guys give me respectful attention as much as girls really. It has less to do with who you are attracted too and more about your self esteem to just know that someone finds you attractive and interesting. if you are free of entanglements and find yourself attracted to this girl then just see where it leads I guess. If she as forward enough to give you "the look" so soon then she will no doubt take the next step if you are not clearly putting her off.
  6. silk896

    silk896 Member

    The world is littered the shattered remains of people of various sexual definitions who thought they got "that look."

    It's a very dangerous thing to misinterpret the way someone may be looking at you.
    Don't accept gaydar works; believe none of the lesbians I know would ever trust gaydar.
    God gave us a voice. That's the way to find out. Assume nothing.

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