Is semen good for you?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by rmorgan, May 28, 2006.

  1. rmorgan

    rmorgan Member

    Seriously, I've heard that semen acts as an antidepressant. I know from personal experience that I'm happier when getting my recommended daily allowance. But I don't know if it's from swallowing semen or from having a healthy sex life.

    I have also heard that semen is good for your skin and keeps you looking young. I typically swallow a load three to four times a week, and have done so for a couple of years. I just might live forever.
  2. RetroGroove_Grrl

    RetroGroove_Grrl I'm a big girl now

    Well, it wont make you live forever if they have aids... or syphillis
  3. rmorgan

    rmorgan Member

    Party pooper
  4. RetroGroove_Grrl

    RetroGroove_Grrl I'm a big girl now

    what? its true. I mean its all good and well to go around touting the benefits, but there is a reality to the situation, and there it is
  5. rmorgan

    rmorgan Member

    I know, but I've been with the same person for years. If I was going to die, it would have happened long ago.
  6. RetroGroove_Grrl

    RetroGroove_Grrl I'm a big girl now

    Well HIV can be in the system for a looooong time , like 10+ years before it turns into aids, and even aids can last for a long time.

    Same with syphillis, you can have it for ages (years) and notknow before its too late and youre a loopy minda
  7. Mt. Star

    Mt. Star Member

    No, semen is not good for the skin. That's just a thing guys sometimes say to get their girls to go in for a cum facial. Believe me, I watched "Talk Sex" with that horny old lady as the doctor/host. lol, it's a pretty funny show at times.
  8. MikeE

    MikeE Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    rmorgan, there is not yet medical consensus about the benifits of swallowing semen. I applaud you for your dediction to continuing research in this area.
  9. HomerJ

    HomerJ Member

    You do have special "glow" of happiness about you and a very nice cumplextion...

    Know any like-minded sisters? Perhaps you can start a club!
  10. starkmojo

    starkmojo Member

    I'll second that!

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