Is my method of masturbation normal?

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by irvineca, Sep 25, 2013.

  1. irvineca

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    I'm a male and when masturbating, i put an index finger at the tip of my glans and then rotate my finger; i do this while i'm flaccid. in fact, I can't do it when I'm erect. I realized that I have never really masturbated the typical way that consists of stroking up and down the shaft with your whole hand while your penis is erect. Yet I have been on health forums and no other guy has ever mentioned doing it the same way that I do. I'm wondering if anyone else is familiar with the method that I use and if it's common or not?

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    Please God, Deliver Us From

    This Madness...:banghead:

    Cheers Glen.
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    If you are talking about rubbing little circles with your fingertip, I've done that but I can't see how it would be pleasurable unless you're hard. It causes a different type of orgasm, kind of like when a woman pins your penis to your stomach and licks hard circles on your urethra. Good stuff.
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    It doesn't matter how you get there as long as you get there!
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    If by “normal” you mean is it what most guys do, the answer is probably not – but it doesn’t matter. As long as it gives you pleasure, that’s what is important. There’s not a “right” or “wrong” way to masturbate – just ways that feel better or worse to any individual person. Word of advice: do regularly use a quality penis vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), especially if you masturbate frequently; using a cream with a high end emollient like shea butter and a powerful antioxidant like alpha lipoic acid can help to relieve a sore, red penis.
  6. Crazyjane

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    If jizz comes out of your penis then you're doing it right.
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  7. mmmniple

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    yes:it is totally normal.
    It is not the most common but it is done (and with several variations ,some of them área used for tried have a diferent kind of orgasm (dry , múltiple,gushing...)

    I do it some times nowadays also.

    Mm , i don't know what part of the gland you stimulated.
    When i began to masturbate ,i has not idea about the "common" way ,bit i felt a intense sensación which i enjoyed and use two fingers for making circles on the frenum.
    It was hot and also a fast way to cum :p
  8. mmmniple

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    Ah , i forgot something.

    Crazyjane ,your answer "
    if jizz comes out of your penis then you're doing it right"

    Is wrong (in part).

    You can also have orgasm without eyaculate.And they are really amazing :p
  9. Ophion

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    I am not completely sure I understand your technique.

    I am uncut and don't normally use lube but when I have plenty of pre-cum I sometimes put my finger in it which is, naturally, at the tip of my penis and then rub my finger around the glans in circles starting at the tip and working outwards for however long it takes until there is not enough lubrication from the pre-cum anymore, i.e. a kind of spiral.

    It feels good but I don't cum that way, for that I use the normal stroking method.

    As people have said, though, it doesn't really matter how common it is, if it works for you then it's fine.
  10. mmmniple

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    Hello Ophion.i will try to explain better the technique/s.
    as i said in the begining they are not the "common" way to masturbate (also the result are totally diferent) and it is not usually easy archive them.

    The penis gland seems be more complex as usually is tought.(as other male parts as nipples :( )

    the "method" i began masturbating when i was teenager was only playing with the frenum,which make me cum fastly.
    After i learn how to do as the "normal" way.
    The same happens if you rub the coronal ridge :soon you will felt the urge of eyaculate (but it needs some lube o precum for being really enjoyable.)

    it seems they are other "variations" using only some part of gland concretly.I can not explain this very well (the concrete area used) because i have only felt one of this variation and i was not looking when it happen.but i can make a kind of summary of them.

    1-If you stimulate only this area ( some concrete zone),you never felt the urge of eyaculation but you would be in a great state of pleausure.the place where i saw better explained is malemultiples ,a man called darkwhite (i dont know if i can put a link here.if not it is easy to found with the info i had done)

    2-Other variation (also mixed and explained on same website) is using the gland as a eyaculatory reflex stop.
    I dont know how explain this well but this is what i have felt myself and really was curious
    (i dint felt eyaculation nor orgasm,but i drop full of semen without felt anything diferent than when were precum ).
    I am not sure if i had explained on this forum or not ,anyway i will do a little explanation now.
    I had listen this in the same place as the (1).A person nicked "fumingpool" create a variation of darwhite method,but they are really diferent : darkwhite doesnt felt the urge of
    eyaculate and fumingpool yes.
    He used the glan stimulation for making eyaculation reflex slown down (as happen with the frenum but in the opposite side : if you stimulate it ,
    you felt very fast the eyaculation reflex).while he also relax his pc muscles and let some semen drops.This way he has some little eyaculations and could go on because
    the true eyaculation has not trigged and nor reflex period.
    I had my doubts about this but as i comment it happen to me one day where i dont want cum,only was playing with my gland,peehole,using the precum which cames from them to rub a glans up to down and again.I move my finger a little down and touch the coronal which felt really great BUT as i did it several times ,the sensation of eyaculation came soon.I go on BUT avoid the coronal ridge (i was near to cum and i dont want) and it happen some strange :
    i go on playing with the precum as on the begining.The sensation of eyaculate go out. and as i go on playing i felt the liquid which came from my peehole was diferent.
    I go on (i had my trousers and only had my hand inside them and the underwear),the liquid again change its texture being more dense (it seems semen but i dont feelt anything diferent,nor relax or force my muscles.. the sensation was the same) and i continue till they were no more liquid.
    I went to the bathroom and i saw i had lots of semen and precum on the hanky i had put avobe the underwear for avoid the precum take them (and it was so much it does )

    3-Other variation is you stimulate and you felt something called "male gushing" : some liquid is spread from your penis similar to female eyaculation.Some people has thought it was pee but it seem they are not (some people has make some test themself as taste,..).if i dont remember bad ,in a post of this forum a user called razer ask about what it was because it happen him.(he also comment on other thread some kind of great sensation he is able to felt playing with the gland only.)

    4-I forgot one which i had not seen explained on any place ,only a friend has being able to felt this two diferent days.He has lots of nipple orgasm and where he was exhausted and his nipples was sore i asked to catch his gland as the same way he did with his nipples.He did and with some strange voice he told me he felt as if it was other
    nipple.He play same way he does with his nipples and again could have other orgasm similar which he felt where he use only his nipples.
    As i said it has happen only two times and we are looking foward he learn how it happen .

    And for finishing,i must said i have felt sometimes a great and diferent kind of sensation while playing on my gland.I am not able to describe it,only said it is very dificult to archivate ,and is easier lost (you need be in a really focus area). I tried with hand,diferent vibrators..but i had only felt with one concrete (and not always i had tried).
    i am not sure if this is the sensation which you felt before male gushing or which darkwhite explained.

    For finish this i recomend read a chapter of a eboot : "Deliberated orgasm" and the book is from David Shade.He explain a technique he found on the net (you can go directly their website (welcome consensus) .They had some vids (i had 3 of them and i really enjoy a lot) where they "teach" how to rub a woman clitoris,in a concrete way which make
    them felt as a continuous plateu where they doesnt want cum. I think it was similar what darkwhite explained but on woman .
  11. Tom Palmerstone

    Tom Palmerstone Members

    This is an account of a first complete masturbation to orgasm from another site.. You will see that the author masturbated in exactly the way you describe holding the rim of the glans with the thumb on the upper side and forefinger beneath and caressing the frenulum (the arrow shaped underside of the glans where the foreskin is (or would have been) attached. This is the most sensitive part of the penis. like the person who wrote this piece, This is how I first reached orgasm and how I always masturbated for more than 20 years. Nowadays I mainly stroke my shaft in the 'conventional' way though only the upper part around my glans but I do continue to touch myself that way especially if I have the time for a long slow masturbation. So yes, you are not alone it touching yourself this way but probably in a small minority!!

    "I was 13 and went to an all boys school. I really knew nothing about about orgasm or ejaculation. As I had experienced nightime discharges, I assumed that ‘cumming’ meant a similar loss of fluid but had no idea of the powerful expulsion this really entailed, the vigorous spurting, the ejaculatory convulsions. That it was incredibly pleasant and exciting to caress yourself was something I knew because I had begun doing so in response to the lure of erection and the overwhelming desire that arises from a throbbing penis.

    According to my peers, ‘wanking’ consisted of wrapping your thumb and forefinger or whole palm around your penis gripping it firmly and vigorously rubbing up and down your shaft. I tried this on a number of occasions but it was monumentally unsuccessful. Though I was aroused and initially it was very pleasurable, after a couple of minutes the friction made it less pleasant and my interest and arousal diminished rapidly ending the attempt to masturbate further. I thought that all there was to masturbating was fondling yourself roughly because it was mildly pleasant and very wicked

    The first time I masturbated to orgasm I wasn’t trying to cum or to achieve orgasm because I knew nothing about them. I was masturbating without really knowing what it would entail as I had tried before with no result other than a few minutes of mild and forbidden pleasure. As I didn’t really know about orgasm and ejaculation it wasn’t possible for me to try to have one. All I did know was that touching yourself was very nice, that arousal and erection were felt fantastic and a vague impression that something really amazing could happen if I persisted particularly as that was what I had been told by others. Nevertheless, in the end I discovered sex and took this step through my own curiosity and the dominating influence my penis exerted on me!

    So many years later I can still remember its intensity, the overwhelming paroxysm of orgasm and the exultant surprise when I first ejaculated.

    It was a hot summer in the 1960’s. I was hormonally super-charged and desperately needed to ‘cum’. I was curious to know if there was more to ‘wanking’ as my peers claimed! My body had been leading me to orgasm for months and the frequency with which it felt necessary to discharge semen while I was asleep shows it was overdue!

    The actual mechanics and stages of masturbation were not discussed among my peers but frequent oblique references were made accompanied by hand gestures. The hand was shaped to look as if it were holding a tube and rapidly shaken up and down. Inevitably, whatever the secret your body could provide, I assumed that gripping your penis and rubbing its length in vigorous jerky movements was how it was achieved. I had self-educated myself about sex and biology from books and knew that masturbation was commonplace and normal. However, I knew nothing about orgasm and ejaculation which I discovered for myself.

    My parents and my older sister were at work all day and for several weeks I had long afternoons to myself undisturbed, perfect to explore and experiment!
    I knew how pleasurable touching yourself was and, though I did not know about orgasm and ejaculation, the boasting of my peers and the increasing desire I felt made me desperate to learn more. On several afternoons, I had undressed or pulled down my pants and started to fondle myself. As my penis became hard I wrapped my palm tightly around it as I thought you should began to rub briskly up and down its length. At first, this was very pleasurable and I felt sure the mystery of masturbation was going to be achieved but after a couple of minutes the friction became less pleasant and my arousal began to diminished and my interest with it. After several attempts I decided that this was all there was to masturbating. My friends had just been boasting about daring to play with themselves, and there was nothing more and to wanking than a few minutes playing your cock.

    On the day it happened, I was in my bedroom naked having come from the bath. Sunlight was streaming through the curtains and it was warm and sensual. I enjoyed being naked, a forbidden pleasure, and the gentle swing of my penis and sac as I moved which I took sensitive delight in. My cock began to tingle and swell. Stood by the bed, I watched it twitch, vibrate and stiffen and began to caress it fascinated by how it pulsed, grew and hardened. I was impatient to wank, wanting so much to roughly manipulate my shaft. As I did, my erection felt breathtakingly firm and thick in my hand, its shape so tantalisingly different. I could feel the hardened muscles, the stout canal that had emerged on the underside and the foreskin tightly stretched around the tip which had grown into a startling protrusion!

    I gripped it firmly, in my fist and began to rub up and down the length of my staff from groin back up to the rim. It felt splendid, more potent than before. I was wanking at last but, like the many previous attempts, it was only a couple of minutes before the friction began to irritate and my erection waned.

    Yet this time it did not end there.

    I was still excited even though my erection had subsided. My skin felt sensitive my body animated savouring the relish of being naked. I sat on the end of the bed, naked in the warm sunlight and began to examine myself, gently touching my penis, pulling back the prepuce to expose the glans that felt so vulnerable as it became exposed. I was astonished that something soft and sensitive could only minutes before have been so thick, hard and aching to be handled! I examined the structure of my sex. The soft pink organ, the sheath covering its tip. The soft brown hair nestling around it, the delicate firm sac hidden beneath it with its vulnerable contents. I touched and examined, perplexed and fascinated and, to my delight, my penis began to pulse and swell until it stood upright in response. I was fascinated by my naked erection, how straight and hard my penis was standing upright in front of me. It had never been so erect before. How beautiful it looked and powerful it felt. I had never been as erect as this, I was wonderfully hard and it felt indescribably potent to have a penis stood vertical in front of my stomach.

    I continued to 'explore' touching, examining and finding how things felt and worked and found the rim of the glans particularly responsive especially underneath where it forms an arrow-shaped furrow. I found that it was really pleasant and stimulating to gently massage this point with my forefinger with my thumb on the upper ridge [i.e. holding the tip of my penis in my fingertips and gently circling the underside]. I did this for a long time because it was so pleasant not expecting or wanting anything more!

    But something incredible started to happen! As I gently stimulated myself my cock began to grow even harder and the desire it felt intensified. It twitched and shuddered as if it were trying to inflate itself even more and throbbed as it did so. The pleasure I felt slowly increased until my shaft overwhelmed the rest of my body. My penis had always been a small part of my body, attached to it. Now it became the most vibrant part and the rest of my body an appendage to it. I was overwhelmed by my cock, I was a slave of my cock, I was just cock, entirely, unquestionably. I could feel nothing but the enormous power and beauty of my penis as it throbbed mercilessly in my fingertips! As this power overwhelmed my existence I knew by some deep instinct that something incredible was going to happen. I did not know what it would be but I knew it was going to be amazing.

    Despite how desperate I must have been to cum, it did not happen quickly. For at least twenty minutes I slowly circled the cleft beneath my glans squeezing it between my finger thumb. I had forgotten the vulgar instructions of my peers, I was no longer trying to achieve something I did not understand I was simply enjoying, relishing being taken over by my erection! I was nothing but a powerful wonderful cock! It governed my being and I was powerless to resist its dictate.

    Minute on minute the fantastic sensitivity got higher and higher though at every point it seemed as if it could not get more empowering. My cock continued to pulse as if it needed to grow even larger even more hard until I thought it could continue no longer!

    Suddenly in a rush the tip of my penis became hypersensitive and I started to feel the thick under channel tense all the way into my groin somewhere behind my scrotum. A delicious pressure started to grow there then began to spread back up into my groin, into the base of and then up my shaft swelling inside it until it engulfed my glans then burst from it in a massive spasm of ecstasy as my penis contracted and released a huge spurt of viscous milky fluid that shot into the air in front of me. Intense pleasure suffused my stomach shaft and tip and I could feel it delightfully propelling the liquid from inside me.

    So prodigious was this ejaculation, I fell backward on to the bed. As I did so my cock, now upright above me contracted with repeated convulsions each one felt from deep inside to along my shaft and up through the tip as warm liquid sprayed up over my stomach and chest. My cock bucked and spasmed vigorously with each ejaculation and sprayed more viscous fluid into the air over my body.

    When this ecstasy finally finished I lay breathless in the sunlight streaming through the window as my cock contracted in soft spasms mimicking the ferocious spasms that had convulsed it seconds before. My body was wet with the fluid it had expressed with such amazing violence and now lay in viscous pools across my stomach and chest.

    I was exhausted, elated and bewildered. What if someone had seen me through the curtains convulsed in joy I had not known possible a few minutes before my cock disgorged its thick white liquid?! I ran my finger through the sticky pool on my stomach. It was warm and musty. I lay there enjoying the sensation of my nakedness as my pulse slowed and breathing softened and indolently smeared the pools of cum across my skin.

    I lay for what seemed an age in the bright sunlight, incredibly happy to have discovered that my body possessed such power and rapture while my cock assumed its usual flaccidity then I washed the cum from my body and dressed.
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  12. Fred64

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    My god that was awesome, I masturbated the whole time I read that, I love to pleasure myself, over the years I have read and tried out many different ways to get my self off. And I still do. Masturbating to me is more pleasurable than intercourse,

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