Is my little brother re-living a past life trauma?

Discussion in 'Psychic' started by Echo the Small, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. My 17 year old brother has been very sensitive to altered consciousness his whole life.
    He used to get the most vivid night terrors and would seem to be experiencing an astral nightmare in the physical world (he would be aware of his surroundings, not walk into things but would be experiencing a completely nightmarish reality).

    The other night he told me about another state he has experienced sporadiacally through his life. When his mind is vulnerable- not asleep but perhaps wandering, or after a big night, he snaps into this mindset that he has to do something and he doesnt know what it is but if he makes the wrong choice everyone will die.

    He doesnt know what to do with himself, he walks, changes directions, takes off clothing, turns on/off lights, goes outside. He is completely in the moment and he is stuck in a loop of meaningless actions that seem to hold some greater signicance his mind cant grasp because it is an automatic state that is devoid of all thought except the knowing that his choices could lead to everyone dying.

    He knows there is a choice to make yet he doesnt know what it is. He is completely unaware of self and seems as if something triggers him into reliving a horrible desicion, where at the time he had no time to think or feel, just act.
    It doesn't last very long and recently he has learned how to get on top of it a bit more and bring conscious thought into the state and bring himself out of it.

    I wonder if anyone knows about what this could mean.
    I feel he needs healing and would like to help and would really appreciate any insights.

  2. My imediate response to this is that your brother has a mental illness. I hate saying that and I'm never really sure where to draw that line between illness and paranormal, but what you're describing sounds like extreme paranoia and symptoms I've heard of in OCD. While it might have a valid base in the paranormal, it sounds like it's probably demons and the like fucking with him; (No one gets divine mandates to switch lights on and off). Should he go to a therapist? Maybe, depends on how much of a problem this is, and his competency of dealing with it.
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    QUOTE: ""He is completely in the moment and he is stuck in a loop of meaningless actions that seem to hold some greater signicance his mind cant grasp because it is an automatic state that is devoid of all thought except the knowing that his choices could lead to everyone dying."""

    Here is the key to your answer, and his actions. In following the thread of the moment he is experiencing the moment his twin was having prior to birth. The inner connections twins sometimes share.

    Would seem his mother was carrying twins at the time of conceptions. Its not uncommon in the first trimester to loose one of the twins thus giving evidence of only a one child delivery. He will probably have a birth mark or discoloration on his shoulder, or forehead (hair line), and or lower back.

    Counseling may help. But as long as he acts out his twins would be behavior "in this moment" he will continue to over lapp energies. This is where split, or schizophrenia personalities start from. This is also where the impending feeling of dying, or death comes from.
  4. Old Crone,
    Thank you for your response, he does have a very large bluish brown birthmark on his lower back. Its funny that I remember because my sister and I used to tease him about it when we were young.
    I will tell him this and see how he feels.
    Your guidance is greatly appreciated...

    Josh the Small,
    I am very close to my brother and know he is not mentally Ill.
    He doesn't think its divine guidance, he simply feels the power of choice (action/reaction cause/effect) so much so that the simple act on turning on a light switch holds so much gravity that he immediately turns it off- same with which diraction he is walking etc.
    He doesn't think at all- he is very much just doing/not knowing what to do in case he makes the wrong choice- which for some reason, he feels will lead to death. Not his own death, but others close to him.
    And having night terrors is very common- there is no connection whatsoever to having them for the couple of years before puberty and being mentally ill.
    He hasn't had a night terror in 6 years... and I know heaps of kids who had them and are fine.
    Perhaps I didnt explain it well enough but when he told me, it was much clearer and mentall illness was far from conceivable.
    It has only happened maybe 5 or six times in his life and it is triggered by a relaxed state, unlike paranoia which is brought on by thoughts and fears. I really feel and trust that it is some trauma that needs healing rather than a psychological problem.
    I know it would sound like that but I know that he is growing and changing and opening, and that this has come up so that he can progress rather than developing a psychosis.
    Thanks for your concern

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    maybe it could be a past life issue you think he would be willing to go to a past life regresionist or spiritual healer ? the sayin goes nothing ventured nothing gained "
  6. i don't know if you read any sylvia browne books, or know who she is, but: I've heard her talk to other people with problems exactly like this, and they are always past life problems. she always tells people to, when the person with the problem is asleep, to go in and talk to them. while they are unconcious. they're subconcious is much easier to reach this way. tell them that the night terrors, bad dreams, and all negative feelings recently occurred in a past life, and that this is a new life. that the bad things happened in a past life, not this one, and too let it go. say something to the effect of "Let the white light of the holy spirit cleanse you and keep you safe, amen." this should help. also: she says that a large percent of the time birthmarks are from where you were wounded in a past life, one that possibly took your life. even if you don't believe in any of this, still, try it, what could it hurt?
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    What resonates within a person is what is true for them.

    Yes some birthmarks are left over from a past life. Some are not. When you take {all } the clues, and put the pieces together like a puzzel you began to see the whole picture.

    Not to confuse OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder here, this is often a past life carry over energy that is like a glitch in a record that keeps replaying a moment. Often trama, or fear induced.

    Mental illness has as many different reasons as it does paths to choose from. Again take the whole of the aura, energy body, emotional body and blue print within the akashic records to lay the ground work for the understanding.

    Past life regression is going back to discover why we are facing some of the energy, and quirks we have. Not to give us an excuse for our behavior. We are our choices. Past life regression should therefore not be taken lightly, or with a grain of salt. Some people are highly suggestive, and end up with implanted memories that have little, or nothing to do with true past life experiences.

    This does not even include the potential for a Walk In to occur. This is when a spirit wishes only to experience a moment, or experience without going through the whole life. The host agrees in the akashic records. Sometimes the change is subtle, sometimes it is not.

    No one, including me has all the answers. But what is true is what ever hand you are playing there is something to learn from the cards dealt, and sometimes we ask why?

    WE are our Choices along the path we choose to walk.

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