Is LSD a dangerous drug?

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Kid Lucas Jr., Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Kid Lucas Jr.

    Kid Lucas Jr. Member

    Alright Im sorry Im a bit clueless about this certain drug, I never came in encounter with it but does it have bad side effects? doesnt LSD mess around with your spinal fluids or something?
    how is it taken?
    how much for what price?
    is it like shrooms or extacy?
    is LSD and acid the same thing?
    what kind of high/trip do you get?

    I think Im confusing LSD with PCP, iunno can someone just school me about it
  2. NorCaliGreenFiend

    NorCaliGreenFiend Senior Member

  3. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    The spinal fluid thing is just a rumor that was started by some idiot. Also, don't believe the story about the kid who took acid and now thinks he is a glass of orange juice, and you can't touch him because he thinks he is going to tip over.

    LSD and acid are the same thing.

    As NorCali said, go to to get these answers, they are all basic questions, and all of the information you ever need can be found there.
  4. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    can be, you just gotta use common sense and you will be fine. from a phisiological standpoint it is extremely safe and neer imposible to overdose. it is however very mind bending so its good to be carefull. set and setting are the most important things. overall its a very mind expanding trip and alot of fun. enjoy it!
  5. dont listen to the propaganda please by teachers and some government information which is elaborated like NoriCal said. just go to erowid find other other sites and read about it as much you can.

    -you take it by mouth, liquid, blotter, sugar cube, pill, geltab.. probably just blotter though..
    -you can put it in your eye if you want.
    -usually 5 bone a hit
    -trip last a long time, you can be trippin solid for 6 six hours then start to come down, just depends on doses.
  6. It's not a physically dangerous substance. But it's a complete and total mindfuck. A strong acid trip can really... uh change you're perspective on life forever. And as long as your prepared for that I think you'll be fine. Just make sure you have a really mellow setting, and try to spend some time out in nature. The only true way to know, is to try it yourself. Good luck! :)

    And if you want some unbiased historical context, check out this documentary!
  7. Gdeadhead420

    Gdeadhead420 DivineMomentsofTruth

    The drugs aren't dangerous,

    only the way in which people use them.
  8. hawaiiankine

    hawaiiankine Senior Member

    kinda like guns...
  9. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    actually, guns are kinda dangerous.

    lsd has only 1-2 logical methods of killing a person: 1000$ overdose or suffocation with a blotter sheet.

    guns: firing, pistol whipping, gagging, lead poisoning, cop shootouts.
  10. rygoody

    rygoody Senior Member

    lsd is a pretty serious substance

    its not dangerous at all, buts its not exactly all unicorns and rainbows
  11. hawaiiankine

    hawaiiankine Senior Member

    nope...there's gremlins and gnomes too!
  12. killuminati

    killuminati Member

    I think that's what he was saying.

    none of those things can be done without a being to do it.
  13. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    I know. but as long as you have some idea of what you are getting into, you should have no problems.

    the key rule: if taking more then 2 hits, you need a sitter. if stuff gets bad, your gonna want help to get through it.
  14. supahdude

    supahdude Member

    make sure you have someone to knock you out if shit hits the fan.

    haha, j/k

    ive never had trouble on acid. all my trips have always been happy and safe.

    shrooms you should be scared of haha...
  15. Feelings Of U4ia

    Feelings Of U4ia Senior Member

    Not really. Acid deaths are usually associated with doing something completely unreasonable while tripping. LSD overdose is highly unlikely, and the other thing I doubt has ever happened.

    It's underlying mental issues that cause problems with LSD use, that can result in horrible consequences.
  16. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    that was my point. your more likely to choke on a strip of blotter then die from the chemicals on that blotter
  17. neim

    neim Member

    yes, read on my friend.

    yes, it changes the colors of the fluids or something.

    you don't. you stare it like for 2 hours and the buzz is the ride.

    4 bucks will get you half a bag. that's like 45 trips.

    it's exactly like those.

    nope, acid is colombian and lsd is bolimbian.

    the worst, you just die.

    no you're not confused, LSD is bad. mail it to me.
    you can school yourself with the wonders of internet! go on! read on!
  18. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    i approve of this tomfoolery
  19. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    It can trigger pre-existing mental issues, IMHO.


    Depends where you live. $2-$7 per dose.

    It's like shrooms, but lasts longer (6-9 hours)


    Like shrooms.

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