Is it really worth it? should i get them.

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by Whirled Peas, Apr 30, 2007.

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    hi there. im jen. i just started the forums today and im really excited because less than a week, im THINKING about getting dreads, but i want to know is it really worth it. the way everyone talks about lice, itching, ripping, gooeyness, funky smell, and the fact that it usually falls out when you backcomb, id think that it would be a mistake. i know its best to do it the natural way, but i dont want my hair to look like i didnt brush for a couple of weeks, i want it to look like dreads so that people see more of a style, not just a messy head in the beginning. :)
    my boyfriend is totally against dreads, but ive wanted them off and on for years. off because he talks me out of it. should i go along with it and have my friend put them in or should i keep the hair i have now? i just dont know what im getting myself into. ive read the forums and found alot of different problems with having dreads. i hope that someone replies because i really need to make my mind up :)

    will they always or with everyone..

    itch, smell, fall apart?

    i dont want my friend to do all that work with backcombing if its just going to fall out. thanks so much everyone.

    peace, locks, and nappiness!!!

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    Sounds like you need to read up a lot more first (read this forum, as much as you can).
    If your partner loves you he'll stick around anyway. My hubby hates dreads but he's been really cool about me having them. :) Your true friends like you and not your hair.
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    Itchies- Easily treatable, with the right shampoo and tea tree oil.

    Lice- You're no more prone to getting lice than anyone else with ''normal'' hair, though, if you are unlucky enough to catch them, they're more awkward to get rid of. Though I hear there's a few concotions and remedies around.

    ''Falling apart''- You hear the odd horror story of dreadlocks now and again, but if you want locks so badly, you weigh up the pros and cons. Which sounds like something you need to spend some time doing :)

    Then you'll come to the right decision, for you :H

    Later days
  4. rachaelc

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    check out this website:

    i has the best info on dreads and its updated very very frequently with lots of pictures of great dreads!
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    If you wash your hair a lot now, and you start washing less frequently when you have dreads, you may get an itchy scalp as it adjusts. I didn't have that problem, as I wash my hair just as often now as I did before my hair dreaded.
    Mine only smell funky if I go to a bar....yuck then they smell like nasty smoke until I wash them.
    Mine haven't fallen apart, but I also didn't backcomb.
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    no matter how mychof a pain they are at the begnning, give them a couple months and you will be glad you put up with it. i'm only into my 2nd week of having dreads and i'm glad i made the decision to get them. by the way, no matter what methos you use, STAY AWAY FROM WAX. i'm still have wax in my hair. but it's almost gone. but yeah. i say go for it.
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    i waxed 4 months ago when i got mine and its completly gone, im attacked by nits and itchy ness so so ,, some hair of mine fell out when i ripped it but not a noticalble amount, and girls look amazing with dreads, and if u love them yourl be ok,

  8. dilligaf

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    i say nope.. dont get them!!!
    because you just want them for fashion sake or something,,obviously not because you want them and it feels like the right thing for you to do, if you truly wanted them you wouldnt be asking if you should and all the other questions you asked... if one needs to go online and ask people the opinions they have on should n shouldnt then NO... plain n simple... sounds to me like you would be one of the ones that wants them n then shaves them or gets rid of them in a month time.....

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