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Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by reb.V, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. reb.V

    reb.V Member

    Could one brainwash themselves? Is it even possible? Hmmm....
  2. hippieken

    hippieken Member

  3. Akula

    Akula Member

    Dont fuck, or i'll brainwash.
  4. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    not only is it very possible but a good skill to have. not so much "brainwashing" but conditioning the mind (changing thinking patterns) to better ones self. if one is not happy, it simply takes the changing of thought patters to create a happy reality. you choose what kind of reality you reside in.
  5. RxHEAD

    RxHEAD Member

    What? :) What? :) What? :) Oh, that's a definate possibility?
  6. orange skies

    orange skies Member

    What would you guys brainwash yourselfs into believing?
  7. ki_raven_24f

    ki_raven_24f Member

    then, i choose to reside in a reality with my little purple friends, where everybody is happy
  8. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    Exactly, tis quite the useful skill. :D


    This is how certain people are more susceptible to Hypnosis.
  10. GroovyMay

    GroovyMay Member

    yeah i think my friends parents brainwashed my friend, cause she lives in her little bubble world thinking everyone likes her and that she has a great life but doesnt, i always think i live in my ow little world and that everything that i think is not what is really going on, do ever think that?
  11. Esty

    Esty Member

    i seriously doubt you could consciously brainwash yourself into believing something naturally that you don't do and/or believe already

    we aren't capable of intentionally stressing ourselves to the point required to "brainwash" or change ones normal, logical thought patterns

    i think paranoia, etc can & does cause us to alter our thoughts but not in a healthy way
  12. stick your head in the washer.. and turn it on permanent press..... and tell me how it goes.... :p

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