is it normal ?

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by hassankon, May 12, 2013.

  1. hassankon

    hassankon Guest

    in some masturbations i ejaculate before i wanna to ejaculate .. is it normal .. i usually tired , sad or bored before this happened
  2. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    First of all, you should be aware that Ejaculation is not the same thing as Orgasm. Apart from that, the simple answer is Practice - learn to recognise the signals your body is sending you & train yourself to take control of them.

    The most common solution would probably be the Stop-Go method (ie when you feel yourself getting close to a climax, stop & let the moment die back a bit before continuing, repeating as many time as required / possible).

    Alternatively, I would recommend you try the method I have dubbed 'The Dribbler'. This is similar to the Stop-Go method, but requires an advanced recognition of your bodily feelings. The ejaculation actually begins momentarily before the orgasm - much like loading a bullet into a gun before releasing the hammer to fire it. If you can train yourself to recognise the sensation of the semen beginning to rise & stop at that point, it will be released, but without the force of the orgasm behind it. Then, after an appropriate recovery, you will be able to repeat the process, and as you haven't yet reached orgasm you should still have your erection. As with the basic Stop-Go method you can repeat this as many times as required / possible, with the advantage of being able to use your own semen as lubricant (my personal record is 10 times before eventually having to give in to the overpowering orgasm, which seemed to be as strong as if each of those previously cancelled actions had accumulated into one massive release).

    Also, as you continue to masturbate using semen in this way, it can get whisked up into a frothy texture (much like whisking egg white into a meringue, which isn't that surprising, seeing as they are both high in protein), which takes on a pleasantly sweet taste, totally different from plain semen.

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