Is it a childrensstory?

Discussion in 'Mind Games' started by voet, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. voet

    voet Member

    the monster under your bed. Is it just a children'story, or is it real? When you grow up, you know it's not , becaus everyone says so, and when you quikly look under your bed, no ones there.

    But what if there really is a monster and i don't mean 'monster' by someone like the grinch. I mean like someone from another worl, or somethingwho of you felt the presents when you'r a little child.

    Urban legend or true?

    Why else are so many childres scared of 'monsters' under there bed.
  2. Goatman88

    Goatman88 Member

    children often fear the unknown as do adults and i believe just about anybody...
  3. voet

    voet Member

    how do you mean, you believe just anybody?
  4. Crayola

    Crayola =)

    wow i had to read the posts here several times to get them

    mm i think its like any paranormal thingy, u either believe or u dont. a mysterious presence, why not eh?
  5. Goatman88

    Goatman88 Member

    i meant i think anybody would be afraid of the unknown. Children just have a different view of whats scary and whats not and stuff. I was never really afraid of a "monster" under the bed.
  6. voet

    voet Member

    lucky you :)
  7. ryupower

    ryupower NO capcom included

    EEK! :eek:
    I believe this *actually* belongs into the 'paranoid' forum, cause it really seems paranoid-ish. And you're making me paranoid with it too!
    *sees something in the corner of her eye, by the bed* :eek: *faints*
  8. Heat

    Heat Smile, it's contagious! :) Lifetime Supporter

    Most so called fairy tales were not written directly for children. If you really think about the ones that we were all exposed to there is something really twisted in almost all of them.

    They were written as parables on life and behaviour.....not meant for young children who can not define between reality and fiction.

    Sad that we still read them to children. :(
  9. Goatman88

    Goatman88 Member

    we started reading fairy tales to kids to kinda scare them into knowing what is right and wrong.
  10. kitty fabulous

    kitty fabulous smoked tofu

    i do not believe in right and wrong. i belive in right and left.

    the "monster under the bed" is a psychic manifestation of the Shadow. we fear it, because we fear ourselves.
  11. I'm a troll

    I'm a troll Banned

    as a child i had a waterbed, so no monster would fit under it (although i was positive an evil force lived between my bed and the wall). now my bed is about four feet in the air, with a couple pillows and a lamp underneath, neither of which scare me
  12. monsters scare me
  13. LittleRedOne

    LittleRedOne Member

    My mum used to be scared of wolves under her bed... My little sister believes in alligators under her bed but she isnt scared of them anymore because I told her to make friends with them, now I hear her talking to them in the middle of the night.. *aw bless*

    When I was about 7 I did the whole "mummy theres a monster under my bed" thing because all my friends did!! But I was more bothered about mass murderers coming up the stairs when i was asleep and killing everyone exept me, then they go away and i wake up to a whole load of dead people.. Heh, i guess I musta had a pretty nasty imagination back then.

    now the only thing under my bed I'm scared off is homework that was due in a week ago

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